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Why did my Instagram page reset? Latest glitch puzzles users

Bruno Cooke May 16, 2022
Why did my Instagram page reset? Latest glitch puzzles users


An apparent glitch on the social media platform Instagram has got users in a pother, with some taking to Twitter to ask why their Explore page has reset – to be replaced by “wildlife and photography”. Has it happened before, and how can you fix it?

Instagram users express consternation over apparent Explore page reset

Several bamboozled Instagram users have taken to Twitter to seek answers about what appears to be a glitch on the social media platform.

“Why did my Instagram reset”, some have asked. “I want it back how it was.”

Some users’ Explore pages have apparently been reset to “wildlife and photography”; others report seeing things “mostly in Hindi” – “I’m neither basic nor Indian”, adds the user in question.

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“Where are the memes?” asks another. “I hate it here.”

Is Instagram down today – 16 May 2022? 

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. A quick Twitter search reveals that something similar appears to have happened on 30 November 2021, although possibly not on the same scale.

Large parts of November 2021 look to have been a bit rocky, actually, with users reporting experiencing an Instagram Explore page reset on the 20, 21, and 28. And 4 October, 8 July, 23 April, 3 March, 6 August 2020… You get the picture. It’s nothing new.

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London, UK – July 30, 2018: The buttons of the photo app Instagram, surrounded by WhatsApp, Facebook, Messages and other apps on the screen of an iPhone.

“Glitches” with Instagram Explore pages – and possibly Stories – seem to happen fairly regularly. It’s been happening since at the latest 8 November 2018.

Instagram is not “down”, per se. There just appears to be a temporary issue with Explore pages. So, what should you do?

How to fix Instagram Explore page reset glitch

Those who have dealt with this kind of issue before have been coming to the rescue of those afflicted by the Instagram Explore page reset issue.

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Collision | Official Trailer

Collision | Official Trailer

“Ohh that happens”, writes one user, nonchalantly.

Close the app and reopen it, they advise. If that doesn’t work first time, log out and log back in. If that still doesn’t work, you might try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. You shouldn’t lose any in-app preferences, since they’re saved to your account.

Rest assured. Most users report it returning back to normal within a matter of minutes or hours.

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