Best celebrity award ceremony mishaps from Doja Cat’s vape - Katy Perry’s stumble

Darcy Rafter May 16, 2022
Best celebrity award ceremony mishaps from Doja Cat’s vape - Katy Perry’s stumble
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It’s hard to keep your cool when it comes to Awards season, the highly intense moments can often lead to stars cracking under the pressure. Let’s look at some of the best celebrity award ceremony mishaps where celebs have made fools of themselves while the world watched on TV.

Doja Cat won two categories at the Billboard Music Awards 2022 on 15th May. The Say So singer scored the awards for her album Planet Her, in the categories Top Rhythm and Blues Album and Top Rhythm and Blues Female Artist categories.

However, fans have turned their attention to what Doja was caught doing seconds before she accepted the award. As her name was called out by Dixie D’Amelio and Dove Cameron, the singer quickly bent down to take a sip of her drink and puff on her vape before dashing it to the ground. The relatable moment had fans howling on Twitter and quickly became a meme with many people sharing their thoughts.

Best celebrity award ceremony mishaps

 Kristen Stewart

At the 18th MTV Movie Awards in 2009, Kristen accepted the MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance, but lost grip of her statue trophy and dropped it on the floor. The audience laughed and Stewart covered her mouth in embarrassment. After commenting on how awkward she is and thanking everyone for “dealing with her” she scurried off the stage. Such a Bella Cullen thing to do, right?

Christine Lahti

At the 55th Golden Globe Awards in 1998, Christine Lahti was in the toilet when it was announced that she had won Best Actress in a Drama Series for her work in “Chicago Hope.” Robin Williams saved the day as usual keeping everyone entertained whilst she made her way up to the stage. What a memorable moment.

In fact, the same happened to Harry Styles at the 2014 Brit Awards when One Direction was announced as the winner of the Global Success Award. Styles eventually got to the stage and said “I’m really sorry, I was having a wee,” he explained, “The toilets are ages away.”


The singer’s 2015 fall at the 35th Brit Awards will go down in history as the worst wardrobe malfunction. Her cape was not undone and got caught around her neck as she was pulled off her platform. Madonna tumbled down a set of stairs and landed in a position which looked pretty painful. Like the true trooper she is, she got back up and continued singing – what a professional.

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Taylor Swift & Kanye West

Everyone knows what went down in the chaos that ensued at the 2009 26th MTV Video Music Awards. When Kanye stormed on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift. The rapper snatched the mic to claim that Beyoncé should have won, a pretty embarrassing mishap if you ask us. Queen Bey gave Taylor her moment later on in the award show; when she won Video of the Year and asked Swift to finish her speech.

Katy Perry

In 2008 Katy Perry sang I Kissed a Girl at the MTV Latin America Awards, whilst diving into a massive cake. After finishing her performance she tried to make it off stage but repeatedly slipped from the cake on the floor. Even her guitarist who was also covered in the cake was trying to help her up but she kept falling down. Want a fun game? Try and count how many times it takes her to get up.


Miguel had a pretty awful encounter with some fans at the 20th Billboard Music Awards in 2013. During his performance, he decided to leap over a small bunch of audience but didn’t quite make it. In turn, he ended up kicking one woman in the face and pushing another into the stage. Clearly feeling awful, he turns and hugs the person he thought he kicked. However, Khyati Shah and Cindy Tsai had actually left the audience in pain and later took matters into their own hands.

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