Who owns Hive Social? Social media platform lists Raluca as their CEO

Eve Edwards November 21, 2022
Who owns Hive Social? Social media platform lists Raluca as their CEO
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As Hive Social becomes the latest social media trend, you might be curious to know about who owns the trending platform.

Since Elon Musk’s takeover at Twitter, there have been some users keen to switch over to a new social media platform. Already, several former users have announced their departure from the app, favoring other platforms such as Mastodon. Even Donald Trump has overlooked his account being reinstated on Twitter, favoring his own platform, Truth Social.

Hive Social appears to be the next big social media craze, as already they have announced a surge in their following. As of publication date, Hive Social has around 850,000 ‘Besties’, as they dub their users.

So, if you’ve come across Hive Social and are wondering who founded it and why, let’s take a look at who Hive Social’s owner is.

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Who owns Hive Social?

When Hive Social launched, Kassandra Pop was confirmed as the founder of the social media platform. However, Kassandra’s name is no longer featured on the website’s About page. Kassandra was indeed the founder, however the founder’s name is now confirmed to be Raluca.

The social media app remains a privately held company, indicating that Kassandra Pop/Raluca is still the owner.

The company started in 2019 and was built up by Kassandra Pop and a team of developers.

About Kassandra Pop

Kassandra Pop, 23, is the founder of Hive Social who started the project while still in college. “I actually started to code Hive while I was still in college. So, I started in June of 2019 and that was the first time I coded anything,” Kassandra told Arif and Ricky of the Creators Breakthrough Academy. She graduated in May 2020.

Before getting into tech, Kassandra was a micro-influencer in the beauty community. She was involved in beauty, nails, fashion, and styling.

Talking about her inspiration to start Hive, Kassandra explains: “I was very upset with the way social media was and I was like ‘You know, I’ll just make my own app and we’ll see where we go from there’,” Kassandra told Arif and Ricky.

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Hive Social website states that the founder is now Raluca

The Hive Social About page states that Raluca, who has a similar story to Kassandra Pop, is the founder of the app. In her interview with Arif and Ricky, Kassandra explained that her username on Hive Social is @salem. This account’s listed name on the app is Raluca, suggesting that Kassandra is Raluca. The reason for this name change has not be disclosed.

“Raluca was tired of the restrictions she faced on social platforms in which her posts were not seen by many friends and felt the pressures of complicated algorithms,” the website explains.

“With the frustration of other social media content creators, Raluca begins Hive as a passion project in her bedroom and self-taught herself how to code.”

The website also reveals that the app was created by two college students. It is unknown who the other unnamed college student is.

How similar is Hive Social to other social media platforms?

Hive Social is similar in layout to Twitter and content, but it is individual in that it also incorporates elements from other social media platforms. “Bringing back what you used to love about social media in a new way. Profile music, text and image posts, polls, Q&A, and so much more,” the website reads.

The app includes a Discover page like on Twitter and Instagram where you can find trending content. It also features trending hashtags like these two platforms, which you can follow based on your own interests.

Hive Social’s feed is chronological not algorithmic, like the original Instagram was.

The profile music echoes MySpace’s music features. Streams on Hive Social also go straight to the song’s artist.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Imagse
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