Truth Social users vs Twitter: How many people use Donald Trump's app?

Eve Edwards November 20, 2022
Truth Social users vs Twitter: How many people use Donald Trump's app?
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Looking to compare the users of Truth Social vs Twitter? Let’s take a look.

All eyes are turning to Twitter as Elon Musk, the social media platform’s new chief executive, reinstates Donald Trump’s account. Former US President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter in 2021 due to the risk of incitement of violence, as reported by BBC.

Twitter’s previous management made this call just days at the January 6 storming of the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

In light of Donald Trump running for president a third time, Elon Musk has reinstated Trump’s account. But it looks like Trump won’t be straying from Truth Social, his own social media platform, at any point soon. So, let’s take a look at the differences between Truth Social and Twitter.

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How many people use Truth Social?

Since its launch in February 2022, Truth Social has drawn in 1.7 million unique visitors from the United States, as reported by the New York Times. This figure is correct as of September 2022. It also does not factor in users from other areas served by Truth Social. As of publication date, Truth Social is available in the US, Canada, Brazil, and the UK.

Earlier in the year, Forbes reported that Truth Social has around two million active users.

However, the number of active users vs the number of members creates quite a different picture. As of publication date, Truth Social founder Donald Trump has over 4.5 million followers on the social media platform.

Truth Social users vs Twitter

It might not come as a surprise that Twitter has a significantly higher number of users than Truth Social. The Social Shepherd reports that as of November 2022, Twitter has 396.5 million users globally. They also report that Twitter sees about 206 million active daily users.

Comparing the confirmed active user figures, Twitter has over 200 million more users than Truth Social. This makes sense, considering Twitter is available worldwide. There are only six countries around the world where access to Twitter is blocked. These are China, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Twitter has also been up and running since 2006, having over 15 more years than Truth Social to gain users.

The Wonder | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Wonder | Official Trailer | Netflix

Truth Social vs Twitter: What are the differences?

For those who haven’t yet used Truth Social, there are few differences between Donald Trump’s social media platform and Twitter. The layout is largely similar, where you have a homepage feed of users you follow as well as trending news. While Twitter posts are called ‘tweets’, Truth Social’s posts are ‘truths’. A repost is a ReTruth, whereas they are a retweet on Twitter.

Twitter has a limit of 280 characters per post, which isn’t the case of Truth Social. Users can write much lengthier posts on the social media platform, as it has a 500 character limit.

The color palate differentiates the two sites. While Twitter is light blue with blue tick verifications, Truth Social is light purple with red ticks.

Will Donald Trump return to Twitter?

Elon Musk ran a poll to see whether the public thought Donald Trump’s Twitter account should be reinstated. “The people have spoken,” tweeted Musk, saying that 51.8 percent of more than 15 million Twitter users voted for the ban to be lifted.

But it looks like Donald Trump is firm on his decision to stay off Twitter. On Saturday, November 19, after the poll was launched, Trump gave a statement about the possibility of being reinstated. “Vote now with positivity, but don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere,” Trump said. “Truth Social is special!”

In a virtual appearance at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s leadership meeting, Trump continued to add that, while he’s “always liked” Musk and is happy about his new role at Twitter, the former president doesn’t “see any reason” to go back to the platform.

Social media is an essential tool throughout election campaigns. As Donald Trump is now running for president a third time, it will be intriguing to see whether he continues to favor of Truth Social over Facebook and Twitter as the campaign progresses. Trump’s 4.5 million Truth Social followers pale in comparison to the 88 million Twitter followers he had at his account’s peak.

Photo illustration by Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images
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