Sony FX30 cinema camera’s price makes it affordable for small content creators

Amber Peake September 29, 2022
Sony FX30 cinema camera’s price makes it affordable for small content creators
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Sony has unveiled a new cinema camera, the FX30, and filmmakers are already eager to get their hands on the new model.

The tech giant announced its latest addition to its cinema line this week, which it promises has many professional features from the line at a more affordable price point. 

Following the FX30 announcement, curiosity about how much the new model costs seems to have sparked. We break down everything you need to know from the Sony FX30 camera price point to when it is expected to be released.

Power Trip | Official Trailer | Hulu

Power Trip | Official Trailer | Hulu

Sony introduces Sony FX30 cinema camera

On Wednesday (September 28), Sony announced its newest cinema camera, the FX30.

The model is a part of the tech brand’s cinema line, which boasts a variety of models from beginner and intermediate to more advanced cameras.

As explained in a press release from Sony UK, which announced the new model, the FX30 is described as a 4K Super 35 camera.

It is also said to feature several professional features that are also present throughout the cinema line. These features include log shooting modes and dual base ISO. 

Hype Beast have added that the camera, in essence, is thought of as the “younger sibling” of the next model up, the FX3. 

Digital Camera World have added that the FX30 model could suit content creators such as vloggers who are looking to refine their productions.

Sony FX30 camera’s price point has ‘aspiring’ creatives in mind

As well as announcing the new cinema line model, Sony explained that its pricing is aimed to appeal to “many aspiring filmmakers.” 

In the US press release for the camera, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc, Yang Cheng described the FX30 as “a perfect camera for up-and-coming filmmakers that are working with tight budgets.”

So what exactly is the price point for the FX30? The camera is available to buy as just its body, known as the FX30B, or shoppers can choose to get it with an XLR handle unit which will cost slightly more.

Those in the UK will be able to purchase the camera itself for £2,100 or pay £2,500 for the added XLR handle. For customers in Europe, it will be €2,300 for body or €2,800 for the handle.

US buyers will be able to buy it for $1,800 for just the camera and then $2,200 with the added adapter.

FX30 is expected to be released in late October 

Up-and-coming filmmakers looking to expand their camera kit with the Sony FX30 Cine Camera will have to wait as it isn’t set to be released until late next month.

As explained in the UK and US press releases announcing the new camera, it will be available sold by Sony authorized dealers across Europe and North America.

The UK Sony site also has both the body only and the XLR handle unit listed for pre-order here. The US website also appears to have both listings and has an option that allows you to sign up for email notifications that will alert you when it is available.

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