Does Amazon Music have a Wrapped equivalent to rival Spotify yet?

Bruno Cooke December 1, 2022
Does Amazon Music have a Wrapped equivalent to rival Spotify yet?
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Music Prime lets Amazon Prime subscribers stream over 100 million songs from the company’s music library, but does it offer an equivalent to Spotify Wrapped?

While there is also the option of going for Amazon Music Unlimited, a separate service, the basic Amazon Prime bonus feature doesn’t cost anything extra. It comes with an Amazon Prime subscription. 

Which, for some music listeners discussing the potential for a Spotify Wrapped equivalent offering from Amazon Prime Music, is the reason they haven’t joined the green team. 

So, what’s the latest on whether or not the e-commerce, cloud computing and digital streaming giant has what it takes to take on Wrapped?

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Does Amazon Music Prime have anything like Spotify Wrapped?

Not exactly, although there is something that compares to Spotify’s Wrapped feature.

Two years ago, a Reddit user opened up a topic in the r/AmazonMusic forum. The purpose was to find other Amazon Music listeners who, like the OP, find it “hard to believe a company like Amazon doesn’t have stats for what their subscribers listen to.”

“It’s the time of year where I see everyone posting their Spotify Wrapped on social media,” the user wrote. “Some of you have to feel the same way.”

Another responded that they “hate that Amazon doesn’t do this.” 

But there is a function within the Amazon Music interface that verges on similar to Spotify Wrapped. This is the Top 100 Songs playlist, which seems to come at the end of every year and shows users what their most listened-to songs were for that year.

But the Amazon Music ‘top 100 songs’ playlist doesn’t cut the mustard

Amazon Music listeners are still envious of their Spotify counterparts, who get to enjoy a slicker, more personalized Wrapped experience at the end of every year.

“I’m feeling so left out,” one Reddit user wrote recently in the forum mentioned above. “Has Amazon done anything like this or no?”

The best answer anyone can give is a lackluster “sort of”: “It has a playlist with your top 100 songs but that’s it.”

“Are we all here because Spotify Wrapped just came out?” It certainly looks like it. One Reddit user has even invited others to provide feedback to Amazon requesting something that compares to Spotify Wrapped.

What is the difference between Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited?

Amazon Music Prime is the version of the service that comes with a Prime subscription.

As of about a month ago, the music catalogs are the same size. Amazon announced on November 1, 2022 that its entire library of music – some 100 million songs – would be free for Prime subscribers.

But the more expensive service still has its perks. Amazon Music Prime subscribers “have to be happy living in shuffle mode,” writes The Verge

“You can shuffle any artist, album, or playlist, Amazon says,” per The Verge, “but you can’t just select a song and hit play.” For that particular privilege, you’ll need to upgrade to Unlimited. 

Music headphone wrapped in striped colorful paper on similar background, portrait

But there is a way to get the Wrapped experience on Amazon Music

“Enter the music world with a whole new level of accessibility,” is Free Your Music’s tagline. 

It’s a piece of software that claims to allow people to see personalized summary of the music they’ve streamed the most. 

And you can use it not only with Amazon Music, but also with Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Napster, Resso and Boomplay, meaning there’s a Wrapped experience out there for subscribers of any of these services.

Connect your streaming service account on the stats tab in the app and Free Your Music will “generate your stats in a few seconds,” it says. Note, however, that Free Your Music isn’t entirely free

You can transfer “up to 100 songs for free to test the app,” after which you’ll have to upgrade your account. Because there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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