Can you rewatch Spotify Wrapped? 2022 advertising campaign is here

Bruno Cooke December 1, 2022
Can you rewatch Spotify Wrapped? 2022 advertising campaign is here
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Spotify Wrapped 2022 is back for its sixth year, allowing users to dive deep into their listening habits for the year, but the question of whether or not you can rewatch your data compilation is still ailing some users of the app.

The viral marketing campaign started in 2016, and comes out in early December every year. 

It allows Spotify users to view a compilation of data about their activity on the platform. Spotify also invites users to share their short videos on social media, thereby promoting the app. The Atlantic has described Spotify Wrapped as a “masterful coup of free advertising.”

The campaign has not been without its detractors. In 2018, The Atlantic adds, Spotify’s customer support account on Twitter was inundated with customer complaints regarding the correctness and/or fairness of their Wrapped results. 

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Can you rewatch your Spotify Wrapped video?

Yes. For most people, it seems, rewatching the Wrapped video Spotify produces each year is a straightforward task.

After they “jump in” the first time, all it takes is a second (or third) click of the button, and the video replays. 

For others, being able to rewatch the Spotify Wrapped video is proving more of a challenge – not for lack of trying, mind, and not because of any sort of clerical error on their part.

Many report, for example, clicking the Wrapped icon a second time and finding themselves back on their Spotify home screen. That, or seeing the Your Top Songs 2022 playlist without the compilation video they’ve been dying to share for so long.

What to do if you want to rewatch your Spotify Wrapped 2022 video and it’s not working

If, when you clicked on Spotify Wrapped 2022 the first time, your app glitched – showed you a grey screen with a Back arrow, or showed you nothing at all – then fear not. You are not alone.

Several Twitter users have taken to the platform to air their grievances with regard to finding a way to rewatch their Spotify Wrapped compilation video.

While it may seem like a tiresome route to take, the workaround appears to be to update the app. Users report being able to rewatch their Spotify Wrapped 2022 video after updating their Spotify app.

Others found out they can rewatch the Wrapped presentation by deleting and re-downloading the Spotify app. So it’s worth checking: do you have the most recent version of the app downloaded? Once you do, close and reopen it. This should work.

What is the current version of the Spotify app that allows users to rewatch Wrapped?

For Android, Spotify is on version For Apple, it’s version 8.7.87.

The Apple version of the app, incidentally, has a 4.8 rating (out of 5.0) in the App Store. That’s based on 24 million ratings.

The Android version, meanwhile, has a rating of only 4.3 stars. Not bad, but what this shows is that Android users are, en masse, more likely to give the app a lower rating. 

This suggests the Android version of the app is more likely to have bugs such as, for example, not displaying users’ Spotify Wrapped videos correctly, or leaving users wondering if they can rewatch it without re-downloading the entire application.

Photo Illustration by Thiago Prudêncio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

How do people feel about the viral marketing campaign?

Spotify Wrapped may feel like a neat feature the company offers its users out of a pure-hearted love of music.

But not everyone has such a rosy view of it. In 2018, The Atlantic described Spotify Wrapped as a “masterful coup of free advertising.”

By encouraging its users to share their Wrapped playlists on social media, it sets up a scheme by which the users of a product promote it themselves, more effectively than any straightforward advertising campaign ever could. So runs the line of criticism.

The Baffler wrote something similar two years later. 

“Wrapped is Spotify’s way of obtaining free advertising from all sides of its business model,” stated the magazine. “Every year,” it continued, “like clockwork, they fill social media feeds for days, giving Spotify its biggest social media marketing push of the year. […] It is worth remembering what you’re advertising when you are doing advertising for Spotify.”

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