New meaning behind Flamingo tattoos leaves Mom Tok swooning

Amber Peake August 25, 2022
New meaning behind Flamingo tattoos leaves Mom Tok swooning


A new meaning behind Flamingo tattoos had Mom TikTok gushing this week after the design was linked to motherhood on the video-sharing platform.

The bird ink has become a popular tattoo over the years as it has taken on a variety of different meanings. This week the design is seen to have been honored with a new meaning reflecting the ups and downs of being a parent, with the ink having since circulated across the Mom side of TikTok. 

As the new meaning behind Flamingo tattoo designs trend, some are curious to know more about the bird’s link to motherhood as well as the other connotations behind the ink. Let’s take a look…

Slumberland | Official Teaser

Slumberland | Official Teaser

Flamingo tattoos can take on many different meanings

While inks are often subject to the individuals that gets them done, Flamingo tattoo designs over the years have taken on many different meanings.

Possible meanings of the ink online are seen to relfect the Flamingo’s attributes, including its distinct coloring and stance. 

Due to the bird’s pink coloring, it has gone on to represent beauty with its long legs and tall stature reflecting both confidence and pride. 

Flamingos are also known for standing on one leg, with their stance throughout to also reflect both elegance and balance.

Three pink plastic flamingos stand against a blue sky background. The kitschy flamingos with wire legs, stand in random directions. The camera is tilted off axis as a fake sky background mirrors the artificial birds.

It has also been linked to motherhood 

As explained by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Flamingos are also thought of as “devoted parents,” as it notes how while raising their offspring how the color of the usually bright bird can drain. Their coloring is not gone for long as it soon returns after a few months as their chicks become independent.

This concept has also been related to Flamingo tattoos as life and style influencer Cassidy Michelle aka Just Classically Cassidy opened up on the reason behind her inking on social media. 

In a post to her 2.1 million followers on TikTok this week, she admitted she thought the process of the birds losing their color and regaining it was “a beautiful representation of motherhood.” She added: “It can be very draining, but you get your color back. And it is very rewarding.”


Another reminder that mamas are rockstars! My darling @lindseygurk is gonna be doing mama flamingo tees! 🥰

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New meaning behind Flamingo tattoos leaves Mom Tok swooning

Following Cassidy Michelle’s TikTok, the ink seems to have made its rounds online as other mom’s have gushed over its meaning. 

Michelle also shared a close-up photo of the tattoo on her Instagram Stories as the creator revealed she had received questions from fans asking if they could also get the tattoo inked. Responding to the fan query, she gushed about how she loved the idea of there being a “mama flamingo club.”

On Wednesday (August 24), TikTok user @matteimomof5.2 shared her appreciation for Michelle’s new tattoo in a video as she admitted she wanted to get the ink herself after hearing its deep meaning. 

Taking to the comments of the post, other moms admitted they, too, were inspired to get a flamingo tattoo design after hearing its sweet meaning.

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