Lindsay Arnold declares Challie forever as Chanel and Allie face rocky future

Darcy Rafter August 25, 2022
Lindsay Arnold declares Challie forever as Chanel and Allie face rocky future
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Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) and Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) are the newest power couple of Salem as seen in a behind-the-scenes snap Lindsay shared on Instagram.

The actors may be exclaiming that they’re team “challie 4 eva” but it appears things may not go as smoothly as once hoped for the duo as they have some rocky roads ahead…

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Lindsay Arnold declares Challie forever but do they face a rocky future?

Following the current storyline on B&B, Arnold has shared a picture of the on-screen lovers on her Instagram. In the photo, Arnold and Bowens are hugging one another and Linds captioned the snap, “challie 4ever.”

This led many fans and co-stars to take to the comments section exclaiming that they are “couple goals” and that they “stan” the duo.

Fans think that Challie may face a rocky future as Johnny still won’t give up. He and Alex might make a pact to split the lovers apart, Alex is the womanizer of Salem and has even been seen flirting with Chanel as he floats around town.

However, Johnny convinces Alex to pursue Allie as his next target. They could set Allie up so that Chanel has to call things off, she may even catch Alex leaning in to kiss Allie. After seeing this, the person Chanel will run back to would inevitably be Johnny and he would finally get what he wants.

Chanel chooses Allie but Jonny won’t give up

That’s right, Chanel chose Allie and called the twins over to break the news about who she had decided to choose. Following a long delay, she finally delivered the bittersweet news, and let Johhny down…

Chanel explains to Johnny that they never got a chance to explore their relationship and she needs to give them a chance. Allie also tries to comfort Johnny and gives him a hug but he appears immensely upset and it looks like he is refusing to give up.

Johnny later approached Paulina and tried to get her to agree to a deal, what he didn’t realize is that Chanel overheard all of this. She was furious and was forced to set the record straight as Paulina was there trying to pick up the pieces.

Chanel and Allie’s awkward dinner date with Alex

Chanel was all dressed up for a dinner date she and Allie had agreed to go on with Alex. When she went to pick Allie up Chanel was shocked that she hadn’t dressed up for the occasion.

“Why does it matter what we wear, Chanel? Are you, like, lusting after Alex?” Allie questioned. Chanel reassured her that she was planning on ditching Alex later on and having a private date night.

Allie decided to change and told Chanel to leave without her, much to Alex’s delight who thought it was now dinner for two. As Allie showed up they ordered drinks and Alex asked to hear Chanel and Allie’s love story, he even asked to see their affection for each other.

To which the girls protested and began to walk off, Alex stopped them and apologized so the girls continued telling the story of how they met in London and then again in Salem.

Alex looked shocked to discover that Chanel was married to Allie’s twin brother and Allie even revealed that she knew Johnny was meddling with the love triangle.

Chanel put her foot down revealing: “nobody, not Johnny, not anyone, is gonna come between Allie and me,” Allie blushed and gave her a kiss in response.

Allie then turned the focus onto his love life as she asked, “What is your type?” he responded, “I’m not that picky, I like beautiful women…” Gabi then entered the bar which made Alex’s eyes light up, “Like her,” he added.

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