11 of the best 4 people Halloween costumes for all group dynamics

Amber Peake October 14, 2021


Looking for a 4 people Halloween costume, don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted. Whether you searching for a friend group costume, a joint couple costume or a family costume, we have compiled 11 of the best ideas to suit a range of different group dynamics.

Costumes for a couple of couples

Here are a few 4 people group couple costume ideas to suit you and your couple friends looking to dress as a group this Halloween:

A classic couple’s costume seen at many Halloween parties over the years is salt and pepper, but why not group with another couple as ketchup and mustard. Or each couple could even dress as their own Mixed By Heinz sauce combo like Mayochip (mayonnaise and ketchup) or Kranch (Ketchup and Ranch).

Another classic costume is Nintendo character‘s Mario and Peach. Expanding this idea to suit a group of four, you could add in Luigi and Daisy. Other options could include Toad and Toadette or Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong.

You could also go as your favourite celeb power couple. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly and Kourtney Kardashian, and Travis Barker would be a perfect combo for this as you could create a look inspired by their VMA’s appearance.

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Ideas for a friendship of four

Dressing in a themed costume alongside your pals can add fun to any Halloween event especially if you and your friends are game to get creative. Here are a few ideas that could help you and your friends win those costume competitions this Halloween:

We’re expecting Squid Game related costumes to be popular this Halloween following its huge success on Netflix. For this costume, you could have some dress a guards while other’s are contestants.

If you and your friends are Marvel fans, the four of you could dress as your favourite characters. Following the recent Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 casting news, which saw Will Poulter join the franchise as Adam Warlock, one of the group could dress as the new addition while other’s take on iconic characters including Star-Lord, Nebula and Groot.

A popular trend on TikTok last year saw people dress as ghosts with a white sheet over their heads. Imagine the fun you and your friends could have as the silhouette of the costume would mean you could float around the party without being recognised.

Away from character-related costumes, you and your friends could dress as your favourite cocktail. You could take this as far as you like, from dressing as simple as just the colour of the drink to adding some accessories to represent the drink’s ingredients.

For example, if you were dressing as an espresso martini, you could wear a brown dress/ outfit with coffee bean accessories similar to how the drink is normally garnished.

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Family of four costumes ideas

If you are a family of four we also have you covered. Whether it’s inspired by your favourite show or movie here are a few ideas of how to dress up with your family this spooky season:

To kick things off why not recreate your favourite animated family in real life. This could work with The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty. While a family of four may not suit all the characters, you can swap in and out characters depending on your family members.

From an animated family to a movie family, you and your relatives could transform yourselves into the Addams Family. While you could opt to dress as Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday and Pugsley, you could also dress as their extended family members, including Cousin It.

Following its release last month, Amazon’s Cinderella could also act as an inspiration for a family-themed costume. For this one, someone could be Cinderella while the rest are the mice turned footmen who sport some fancy gold blazers in the film.

Elsewhere while it is festive to carve decorative pumpkins for Halloween, you could also carve some for you and your family to wear:

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