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Where to buy the red suit from Squid Game in time for Halloween

Shania Wilson September 29, 2021
Squid Game screenshot.


Halloween is fast approaching and we only have one costume idea in mind: a character from Squid Game. Got the same idea? We’re breaking down where to buy the red suit from the Netflix hit in time for your costume party.

Need more inspiration? We have an entire article dedicated to Squid Game Halloween costumes here.

The show that took the internet by storm

If you haven’t binge-watched Netflix’s Squid Game yet, where have you been?

It’s the series that has captivated the world, and by the looks of things, it might even earn a second season!

The players are seen sporting a green tracksuit, but fans of the show are desperate to get their hands on the guard’s red suit. It’s a relatively simple costume requiring a red jacket and matching trousers, paired with gloves and a belt.

If you want to nab yourself a green tracksuit to dress as a game player this Halloween, we have an article on where to buy that here.

Where to buy the red suit for your Squid Game costume

It’s almost October 1st, it’s time to get planning your Halloween costume…

As always, be sure to check reviews before purchasing an item.

California Jacket – If you don’t mind a higher price-point, this website is retailing the red jumpsuit for $119.

Lunairoad – This retailer is selling a comfy sweat-suit version of the costume. Hey, you could even wear this after Halloween is over – it looks casual enough!

Amazon – Take a look at these red overalls on Amazon. The resemblance to The Squid Game costume is pretty uncanny.

Etsy – Again, this jumpsuit is a little pricey, but it definitely would give you the Squid Game look.

Etsy – Check out this similar costume for a cheaper price.

Etsy – Searching for the mask to complete the outfit? Have a look at this one available for purchase on Etsy.

Will you be going as a Squid Game character this Halloween?

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix
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