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Want a Squid Game costume this Halloween? Here's some DIY ideas

Olivia Olphin September 21, 2021
squid game costume

The Squid Game has taken Netflix by storm this week. Fans are obsessed with the new Korean drama where to lose a game means certain death. However, it is not just the acting that people are enjoying, fans have taken to Twitter to share how much they want a Squid Game costume this Halloween!

What is the hit new Netflix show about?

The premise of the show is simple, 456 people who have struggled in life and are in large amounts of debt are invited to play a game. However, little do they know that they have signed up to play the “squid game”. They must survive through six deadly events to be rewarded with a large cash prize.

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Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Twitter starts planning Squid Game costumes for Halloween

While it is only September, fans of the show have taken to Twitter to share their desire to make a Squid Game costume for halloween this year.

Can you buy Squid Game costumes online?

At the moment there is no official Squid Game costume that you can buy online. However, some users on Reddit have decided that they want to be a Squid Game minion for Halloween and have come up with some nifty ideas.

All you need is a balaclava, some white spray paint, a fencing helmet, a pink jumpsuit with a hood and some military boots. This DIY look is going to be all the rage this year.

You could also try and find a hot-pink weatherproof rain jacket, as this will give the desired shiny look, or even just a pink onesie.

For the player’s green outfits you could find a cheap green tracksuit, or just a completely green outfit, and cut out your own white numbers and stick them on the front. Have fun with it! If you get a group of you together it could make a great impact at a Halloween party.

You can watch season 1 of Squid Game on Netflix now.

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