Why isn't Spotify on Hive Social? New Besties struggle to connect music

Eve Edwards November 22, 2022
Why isn't Spotify on Hive Social? New Besties struggle to connect music
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A main selling point of Hive Social is the MySpace-esque music player featured on your profile – but can you connect to Spotify?

Hive Social is fast becoming a social media craze as users, or ‘Besties’ as they are known, are rapidly signing up to the new platform. The official Hive Twitter account shared the news that they had hit 1 million Besties as of November 21, 2022.

Since Elon Musk’s takeover at Twitter, there have been some social media users keen to switch over to a new platform. Already, several internet users have announced their shift to other platforms such as Mastodon. But Hive Social might be coming for the top spot as evidenced by their rapid rise in supporters.

Hive Social’s CEO explained how the app combines the best elements of other social media platforms such as MySpace, Instagram, and Twitter. For anyone who had a MySpace account back in the early 2000s, you’ll remember that the MySpace music player was one of the platform’s best features.

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How music works on Hive Social

When you create your Hive Social profile, you are given the option of connecting it to your Apple Music and Spotify. This is so you can choose a song to feature on your profile.

You can set up the feature so that your choice of music automatically plays when someone visits your profile. This was the same set-up with the MySpace music feature, which allowed you to choose whether the song automatically starts.

Any song that is available on streaming platforms is accessible, meaning your favorite tracks can help bring extra personality to your profile.

You can watch a tutorial below on how to access the music streaming feature:

Spotify appears unavailable to Hive Social users

As Hive Social has gained more Besties, a number of users have pointed out that they can’t connect their Hive and Spotify accounts. When you are setting up the profile music feature, the ‘connect’ button to Spotify appears greyed out. The connect button for Apple Music is white and clickable.

The Hive Social team has been vocal about fixing bugs on the app as more Besties sign up. This led some to believe that it was a bug preventing them from accessing Spotify.

But fortunately, all will be resolved soon.

You will be able to connect Spotify to Hive Social soon

For those worried that it is a glitch preventing them from connecting to their Spotify account, you will be relieved to hear all Besties are having the same issue. Currently, Spotify is unavailable on Hive Social.

But that will change soon, as the team at Hive have already confirmed that Spotify is on its way to the app.

As Spotify is already visible as a streaming tool on Hive Social, there’s hope that you will be able to connect your Spotify to your Hive account before the year’s out.

Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? | Official Trailer | Netflix

Music streams on Hive will go straight to the artist

In line with the spirit of Hive Social, the app continue to focus on supporting one another, especially when it comes to independent artists.

“The benefits of direct listens through the third party service Apple Music (Spotify coming soon) is that every listen counts towards the artist’s streams. This can help many local artists,” the Hive Social website reads.

For all those up-and-coming artists only available on Spotify, you’ll soon be able to hear your music on the buzzy new app.

Photo Illustration by Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images
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