What font does Spotify Wrapped 2022 use? Slideshow gets new design

Eve Edwards December 1, 2022
What font does Spotify Wrapped 2022 use? Slideshow gets new design
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Although the annual Spotify Wrapped has brought many fun new surprises, with a welcome one being the change in font and graphic design.

Spotify Wrapped finally arrived on November 30, appeasing music lovers who had been counting down the days ’til the annual streaming review released.

Last year, Spotify Wrapped’s design was slated by fans, notably over the design choices made. This year, those engaging with their Wrapped slideshow have praised Spotify for “fixing the font,” but others still aren’t happy.

Let’s take a look at Spotify’s font choices over the year and what they have selected for the Wrapped 2022 design.

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This year’s Wrapped moves away from the 2021 font

One of the main criticisms levied against Spotify Wrapped last year was one of its design choices. The slide which showed users top genres had a font which was described by one Spotify user as a “barcode.”

The narrow font made the genres difficult to read, especially as the font was made narrower by ranking.

It’s clear the design team took notes for this year’s Wrapped review, as all the font was equal-sized and clear to read. Essentially, no ‘barcodes’ were in sight this time around.

“Spotify Wrapped graphic design is MUCH better this year cos last years was not it. That iffy font was squeezed & all over the place like it was made in Excel,” one Twitter user wrote in light of the new design.

Some Spotify users still aren’t happy with the font choice

Despite the majority of Spotify users being glad the design team shifted away from last year’s font, there are still some who are unhappy with the chosen typeface.

“The only thing I dislike about Spotify Wrapped is the summary page. Why do all the song titles get cut off. Like rearrange it?? Choose a smaller font??? Who approved that,” one disappointed user tweeted.

The main issue Spotify users are finding with this year’s Wrapped design is that the font is too big. It means longer titles and genres trail off with ellipses rather than decreasing in font size.

What font is used for Spotify Wrapped 2022?

For this year’s Wrapped review, there is just one main font used throughout the slideshow.

It appears to be the main font used by Spotify on their website and throughout their branding. One Twitter user shared that the font used by Spotify is called Spotify Circular. It is a “modified version of Gotham Circular, available in four weights and italics.” This is the font used as of this year.

The Circular font is a “geometric sans-series typeface” created by Laurenz Brunner, a Swiss designer. Brunner released this typeface through Lineto almost a decade ago, in 2013.

Users make their own Spotify Wrapped

After learning what font is used on this year’s Spotify Wrapped slideshow, some have made their very-own (faked) Spotify Wrapped. Whether unhappy with their Spotify streaming results or wanting to create a Wrapped for something other than music, fans have been sharing their homemade Wrapped results to social media.

One Twitter user has designed a Wrapped template to be used for other yearly reviews, such as top books.

Photo Illustration by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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