Spotify Wrapped: What does Top 0.005 percent mean in listening time?

Eve Edwards December 1, 2022
Spotify Wrapped: What does Top 0.005 percent mean in listening time?
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Each year Spotify Wrapped rolls around, it gives music fans official bragging rights if they land in an artists Top 0.5, now even Top 0.005 percent, of listeners.

Are you a huge Swiftie? Were you a fully-fleged member of The Beyhive this year? Well, if so, there’s a high chance you’ve landed in either artists’ top listeners.

After Spotify Wrapped dropped on November 30, 2022, some users started reporting they had landed in the top 0.005 percent of listeners of their favorite artist.

But what does this mean in terms of real listening time and can being a ‘super fan’ get you any perks? Let’s take a look.

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Spotify Wrapped shows users they’re in the top 0.005 percent

Each year, Spotify Wrapped analyzes your streaming data to create a slideshow. In this slideshow, you are presented with your top artists and top songs from the year.

What some listeners noticed in their Spotify Wrapped slideshow, is that they had made it into the top streamers for a particular artist. Whether you’ve made the top 10 percent or top 0.1 percent, you can see how your streams compare with the artist’s fanbase at large.

This year saw some listeners notice they’d made it into the top 0.005 percent of an artist’s listeners. This means that the number of minutes you streamed the artist was 99.95 percent more than the wider fanbase.

What does 0.005 percent mean in listening time?

Spotify has over 11 million artists on Spotify, ranging from the most famous to newcomers on the scene. This means that the listening time required to make it into an artist’s top 0.005 percent depends on how many listeners they have.

Last year, PopBuzz explained: “To make it into Taylor Swift’s Top 0.005% of listeners, you will have had to have clocked around 30,000 minutes with her music. In contrast, to make it into the Top 2% of Taylor Swift’s listeners, you will have only had to listen to her music for 1,500 minutes.”

In listening time, 30,000 minutes roughly amounts to 20 days. So, that means you would have spent about 7.5 percent of your year listening to Taylor Swift.

However, say an up-and-coming artist only has around 100,000 listeners per year, getting into their top 0.005 percent of listeners would be an easier feat.

Spotify users share which artists they are in top 0.005 percent

As Spotify Wrapped rolls out, some listeners who have landed in an artists Top 0.005 are sharing their achievement. They are also sharing how many minutes they’ve clocked in with their favorite artists, showing the range of listening minutes when it comes to the Top 0.005.

Here are some of the results from Spotify streamers who have made it into the Top 0.005 percent and the minutes streamed:

One Taylor Swift fan clocked in over 85,000 minutes (59 days) listening to Taylor Swift, and still only made it into her Top 0.005 percent. This goes to show that the wider – and more dedicated – the fanbase, the harder it makes it to land in an artist’s top fans.

Spotify Wrapped rolls out new features

Each year, Spotify Wrapped introduces new elements to the slideshow to go alongside the annual playlist. This time around, Spotify has introduced ‘Your Listening Personality’, loosely resembling the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality test.

“This year during Wrapped, we’re showcasing 16 different Listening Personality types that Spotify created for 2022 Wrapped. Your Wrapped will showcase your Listening Personality based on how you listened to music throughout the year,” Spotify explains.

They have also introduced ‘My Audio Day‘, which analyzes the moods of your music from morning to night.

Photo by Mahmut Serdar Alakus/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
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