Bake your own Spotify pie chart as new genre app takes over the internet

Eve Edwards June 5, 2022
Bake your own Spotify pie chart as new genre app takes over the internet
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Music lovers have been sharing pie charts based on their musical tastes with the internet, and if you want to join in on the fun, here’s what you need to know.

Find out how to make your own Spotify pie chart, or ‘genre wheel’ as some are calling it online, here.

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How to make a musical pie chart based on your Spotify

If you’ve been on the internet and seen people sharing their musical tastes via pie chart format, then you might be curious as to how they’ve made the diagram. Well, there’s an online feature to analyse your Spotify listening habits which can create such a pie chart.

The feature was developed by UCLA student Darren Huang and you can access it via his website. He describes the genre app as “Spotify Pie” and asks users to “Bake Your Monthly Genre Pie” with his creation.

All it requires is for the user to log into their Spotify account through Huang’s genre app. It will then develop a custom musical pie chart based on your Spotify listening habits.

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Music fans share their pie charts

Those who have discovered Darren Huang’s genre app have been sharing the results of their musical pie charts. In the pie chart, you can see a breakdown of all the music genres you listen to, as well as the main artists you stream on Spotify.

Some have been surprised by the pie chart results, as the chart lists a range of unique genres which some users never even heard of. One user was surprised that they listened to ‘Ohio hip hop’, having not heard of the genre before.

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More Spotify features to explore your musical faves

If you are a fan of the Spotify pie chart, then there are plenty more genre apps and features to analyse your listening habits which you can check out.

Here are some of our favourite features to assess your music taste:

The Menu | Official Teaser Trailer

The Menu | Official Teaser Trailer
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