Spotify Wrapped 2022 concert: How to make your own lineup and poster

Amber Peake November 30, 2022
Spotify Wrapped 2022 concert: How to make your own lineup and poster


Spotify Wrapped 2022 is finally here and what better way to celebrate your top artists than by creating a concert lineup featuring all your fave performers.

As many look back on their listening habits of the year with Spotify Wrapped, others have shared their music faves through concert posters of their own imaginary festival lineup.

The generated posters have gone on to take over social media feeds as users compare their lineups with each other, with some now curious to know how to make one for themselves.

We explain how you can make your own festival concert lineup to show off your top 2022 artists with your friends.

How to make your own Spotify Wrapped 2022 concert lineup

Those wanting to make your their own 2022 concert lineup can use the third-party websites Instafest or Festify.

To use them both, users will be asked to sign in with their Spotify, which will then allow the apps to access their music listening data.

The two websites enable users to make their own music lineup based on their listening habits and give them the option to choose from the past month, six months or all time. 

Spotify Wrapped tracks users listening for around ten months from the start of the year, January 1, to Halloween (October 31). Therefore when using either Instafest or Festify, it is best to use the six-month option to best reflect your 2022 listening habits and top artists.

Check out some Instafest and Festify creations below: 

You can even tailor and edit your own 2022 concert lineup 

Not a fan of your concert headliners? Or wanted to mix up your lineup a bit? You can always create your own lineup based on your 2022 top artists yourself.

To do so you must first find your top artists by using the website Stats For Spotify where you can log in with Spotify to see your fave performers from the past month, six months, and all time.

After compiling your 2022 artists into a list, you can make your own lineup by inputting them into a festival poster generator like this one.

You can then change the format of the poster to your liking, including moving the top artist’s names more central on the poster, as well as changing the fonts and background.

Music fans mistake poster’s for ‘real’ lineups

Instafest and Festify creations have taken over social media this week as users have shared their own concert lineups with their followers.

However, as users compare their lineups with others, some seem to have also confused the generated posters to be actual festival lineups.

One Twitter user wrote: “Not me thinking peoples Spotify wrapped were actually real festival lineups.” Another echoed: “I deada** thought the spotify wrapped was an actual festival.”

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