Hugh Hefner costumes for women and more unique DIY Halloween ideas

Molly Young October 11, 2021
Hugh Hefner costumes for women and more unique DIY Halloween ideas
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What better way to celebrate this spooky season than with an insane individual costume to disrupt the typical gender norms? Learn how to dress up as Playboy’s Hugh Hefner DIY-style and explore more unique Halloween ideas for all of your upcoming festivities, below.

Hugh Hefner costumes for women

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine was known for his powerful entrepreneurial role. Channel your hidden Hefner with a DIY dress-up this Halloween.

To achieve his standard look, you’ll definitely need to throw on a red robe. Whether this is your usual dressing gown or a satin wrap of some kind, simply tie it in the middle and you’re good to go.

Underneath, slip on a pair of black shorts or trousers and an optional black shirt of some kind along with plain shoes/sandals.

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While Hefner was known for carrying around and smoking a cigar, these are not advisory in today’s society. As an alternative, you could make your own DIY cigar by rolling up and taping together a piece of black paper.

Finally, you’ll need to wear a classic Hefner hat. The late American magazine publisher would often wear white and black captain-style headgear.

Don’t want to purchase a brand new item? Do it yourself by making an origami sailor hat using plain paper. Follow the TikTok tutorial below for detailed instructions.

Quirky outfit ideas for men

Why not go the extra mile to celebrate this Halloween in true Hugh Hefner-style and gather a few male friends to join you as Playboy bunnies.

Dress up in risque role-reversal by encouraging the men to slip on some bunny ears and a possible pair of stockings.

Or you could have a movie-style makeover and dress up as Mr and Mrs Smith, only swap the gendered roles around.

Women – put on your best suit while the men step into a black mid-length dress. Add optional accessories such as fake weapons and wigs.

Boys, why not spice up your life and imitate the Spice Girls girl-band? A group of five friends can choose a Spice Girl member to dress up as and you’re guaranteed a unique costume idea.

Sporty Spice, hop into some athletic gear, typically blue and orange coloured to represent Melanie C.

Posh Spice, you’ll need a fancy black outfit to look somewhat like Victoria Beckham.

Scary Spice, Mel B was often flaunting her cheetah print outfits so be prepared to get your print on.

A Union Jack flag is needed to dress as Ginger Spice, whether you wrap this around you like a dress or tape it to your outfit as Geri Halliwell.

Baby Spice, get ready to rock a pink puffy dress as Emma Bunton.

More unique DIY Halloween ideas

Cartoon characters also make great costumes, dress up as a male Minnie Mouse with some DIY ears, eyeliner across the face as whiskers and a pink or red dress.

Mickey Mouse will need to match the same black and red coloured outfit and you’re ready to roll into any costume party.

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Monster Family 2 | Official Trailer | Sky Cinema

Monster Family 2 | Official Trailer | Sky Cinema

You can even push the boat out with a role-reversed couple costume such as a female-Kermit the Frog alongside a male Miss Piggy. All you need are green and pink outfits with some hand-made props.

Create a woman version of Winston Churchill by throwing together a top hat, black suit and a dicky bow.

Men, why not wear a blue dress and strike a pose to imitate the Statue of Liberty? Add to your outfit a DIY paper crown with seven spikes and a torch.

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