Who is King of Uganda as Kim Kardashian jokes about her 'ex' on SNL

Amber Peake October 10, 2021


Kim Kardashian made her SNL hosting debut last night as she took aim at her family in her monologue as well as discussing her divorce from estranged husband Kanye West. In one of the show’s sketches, Kim also alluded to past exes as she joked about dating the King of Uganda. Kim Kardashian’s King of Uganda comment has since left SNL viewers confused as some have wondered who the King of Uganda is.

Who is the King of Uganda?

Uganda is governed by an elected president who acts as head of state. The country was previously made up of several kingdoms, but these were abolished in 1967.

Current president Yoweri Museveni reinstated some kingdoms in the early 1990s to be cultural institutions, meaning there are currently several “Kings of Uganda”.

According to RefWorld, some of Uganda’s current “Kings” include Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru 1 of Bunyoro, Chief Rowt David Acana Onen II of Acholi, and Nadiope William Gabula IV of Busoga. 

Some may be familiar with the King of Toro, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, as he ascended the throne after his father’s death in 1995 at just three years old. 

Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images
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Kim Kardashian jokes about King of Uganda romance on SNL

As Kim Kardashian took on hosting duties this week on Saturday Night Live, she appeared in a number of sketches, including one alongside SNL regular Pete Davidson.

In one sketch, Kim and Pete took on the roles of Jasmine and Aladdin as they spoke of more intimate affairs while they rode their flying carpet. At one point, Aladdin asks Jasmine about her past relationships where the princess claims she has dated “athletes, rappers and the King of Uganda”.

Kim’s character responded: “Well, I guess I dated a few athletes and some rappers, and I dated the King of Uganda for a while, and that was crazy.”

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage
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Fans confused over Kim Kardashian’s dating comment

As Kim Kardashian alluded to her dating history in her role as Jasmine in the Aladdin sketch, some viewers took to Twitter in confusion:

Others started speculating whether Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson would start dating after the pair shared a kiss in the Aladdin sketch:

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