The UK woke up in a puddle of its own sweat today, pulling off sheets and wiping sweaty brows. Read on to learn how to sleep in a heatwave of this proportion.

For the fifth consecutive day many temperatures across the nation hit upwards of 30°C. Huge thunderstorms are approaching as temperatures remain sweltering throughout the night.

So, how do we keep cool and get some restful sleep in a heatwave?

1. Have a cool shower before bed

Although cold showers are usually reserved for athletes or fitness enthusiasts, desperately hot temperatures call for desperate measures. Experts say that a shower 60-90 minutes before bed gives your body enough time to relax after the stimulating cold water. The shower also allows your body to follow its natural circadian rhythm and slowly wind down for sleep.

2. Put your hot water bottle in the freezer

This may sound like a slightly bizarre suggestion, but the water freezes inside the bottle and acts like a large ice block. The bonus of the rubber exterior is that it feels comfortable on your skin. Just remember to take the fluffy cover off before putting in the freezer!

3. Put a fan on full blast

Although many Brits are adverse to buying a fan for only a few weeks of use per year, this cooling equipment really does help to distract from the all consuming heat. Not only does the air cool down your body, but the continuous ambient noise also works to lull many people into a restful sleep.

(Cheeky Tip: If you put a tray of ice cubes in front of the fan this cools down the airflow within the room)

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4. Soak your feet in cold water for 10 minutes

If you are adverse to a completely cold shower then just put your feet in some cold water before bed. This avoids the awful feeling of the freezing water hitting sensitive areas of your body, but keeps the wonderful cooling sensation.

5. Take off those clothes

This is no time for modesty. Comfy pyjamas must be sacrificed and thrown as far away from your body as humanly possible in order to keep cool. There is no space for unnecessary layers when your room is as hot as the sun’s core. However, some do say that a light cotton top is useful to wipe away any sweat happening during the night.

6. Sacrifice that duvet for a sheet (and put that in the freezer too)

We love a DIY hack for the summer. A thin cotton sheet is breathable and light enough not to add any unneeded weight during the night. Put this in a resealable plastic bag and pop into the freezer. Take out just before bed and enjoy the cooling sensation.

7. Keep your curtains closed during the day

Shutting your curtains keeps the hottest of the sun’s rays out. When the evening approaches, open both curtains and windows to allow the cooler air in. This will better help you to sleep in a heatwave.

8. Drink Plenty Of Water

Dehydration during a heatwave is not advised. Keep on top of your liquid intake and, although it may be tempting to only drink Pimms, make sure you balance this out with some traditional H₂O.

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Julia Zolotova
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9. Sleep as low down as possible

This doesn’t mean sleep on your kitchen floor, but if you can, sleep in a room that is closer to the ground. Warm air rises and bedrooms on the top floor are likely to be hotter and a more difficult sleep environment.

10. Try and Chill

Do something you enjoy to relax before bed. Try to read or watch a movie. Ride out the storm. Remember that this will all be over soon.

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