What does the genderfluid Pride flag mean? Is Loki genderfluid?

Bruno Cooke June 7, 2021


According to a document visible during a new Loki teaser trailer, the trickster god’s sex is fluid. Especially in the lead up to Pride celebrations, fans are curious about the exact meaning of gender fluidity. So, is there a genderfluid Pride flag? What does the genderfluid flag mean?

Is there a genderfluid flag?

Yes. The diverse set of Pride flags include one that specifically represents and celebrates genderfluidity. 

The genderfluid flag owes its existence to artist and blogger JJ Poole, who runs a Tumblr blog about gender fluidity. 

Poole’s genderfluid flag features five horizontal stripes, each of which represents a particular facet of genderfluid identity, and has received broad support.

Woman holding a piece of paper with gender equality symbols outdoors

What do the colours of the genderfluid flag mean?

The outer two bands – top and bottom – are pink and blue which, according to the artist, represent femininity and masculinity. 

Inside them, the second and fourth bands are white and black respectively. These represent a lack of gender (black) and all genders (white).

The middle band is purple, for the combination of masculinity and femininity “including various degrees of androgyny” – that is, an ambiguous form that mixes characteristics from both.

A different interpretation (from Amherst) of the colours holds that black represents “all other gender, third genders, and pangender”, rather than no gender. 

According to this interpretation, white represents the lack of gender.

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“Vintage engraving from 1882 of a scene from Norse mothogoly, the Gods Thor and Loki disguised in women’s clothes”

What does it mean to be genderfluid?

Genderfluid is a subcategory of genderqueer folk within the trans umbrella. 

The label “genderfluid” means basically what it sounds like. It refers to someone whose gender is not fixed, not static – subject to change.

A genderfluid person can identify as any gender, or any combination of genders at any given time.

Genderfluid people can also identify as multigender, non-binary and/or transgender. 

Terms such as demifluid (part of their gender is fluid), agender (genderlessness, or the lack of gender) and genderflux (gender fluctuates in intensity) are also relevant to the genderqueer community.

Is Loki genderfluid?

Loki’s documentation refers to his sex as “fluid”, which many have interpreted to mean that he is genderfluid.

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What this might mean, in a very literal sense, is that Loki transforms his body periodically between that of a female human and that of a male human.

The result is “Lady Loki”. 

But he doesn’t embody the female form simply for the sake of disguise – it is a fundamental part of his/her identity. That is the essence of genderfluidity – a gender identity that doesn’t stay within the confines of either man or woman.

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