What is Jennifer Dulos' net worth? Gone Mom's parents earnings explored

Eve Edwards June 6, 2021

What is Jennifer Dulos’ net worth? As the tale of Jennifer’s disappearance gets the Lifetime treatment, let’s take a look at Jennifer Dulos’ net worth, as well as that of her parents.

Gone Mom: The Disappearance Of Jennifer Dulos premiered on Lifetime on Saturday, 5 June 2021.

The small-screen flick stars Annabeth Gish as Jennifer and Warren Christie as her husband, Fotis Dulos.

After the film premiered at 8/7c, a documentary about Jennifer, entitled Beyond The Headlines: The Jennifer Dulos Story, also screened on Lifetime.

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Jennifer Dulos: Net worth

  • About $1 million

An exact net worth for Jennifer Dulos is not known, but we can estimate she had a net worth of about $1 million. It is likely Jennifer Dulos’ net worth could be higher than this approximation because of her parents’ affluence.

Jennifer worked as a writer for Patch.com and also ran her own blog. She also had her home property valued at $2.9 million.

What about Jennifer’s parents’ net worth?

Jennifer Dulos reportedly comes from a very wealthy Wall Street and fashion world-focused family. This is touched on in the Lifetime film as we see Jennifer’s ostensibly privileged life in Connecticut.

Both of Jennifer Dulos’ parents worked for a living. Her mother, Gloria Farber, was an educational philanthropist. Her father, Hilliard Farber, was an immensely successful banker. Hilliard was also founder and chief executive of Hilliard Farber & Co, a brokerage.

What is Gloria Farber’s net worth?

It is thought Gloria Farber’s net worth is upward of $10 million. This figure is largely gleaned from the fact Gloria’s New York apartment is valued at $7 million.

Gloria Farber (née Ortenberg) also has another apartment in Pound Ridge, New York, that is of architectural significance.

The Ortenberg family are similarly well off. Jennifer’s maternal aunt and uncle, Elizabeth Claiborne and Arthur Ortenberg, founded fashion company Liz Claiborne. At one point, Liz Claiborne was the most popular women’s brand on the market.

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And what about Hilliard Farber?

The majority of the Farber family’s money comes from Hilliard Farber’s work. Like Gloria, his exact net worth is unknown, although we can generate an idea of his financial success because of known business transactions.

In 2008, Hilliard sold the Wall Street firm he founded, Hilliard Farber & Co. A published SEC report estimated the firm was worth $10 million in 2009, leading to a big sale the following year.

Hilliard Farber’s net worth is therefore thought to be upwards of $10 million.

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