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This Balenciaga LED projector bag is almost too bougie to be true

Alexandra Ciufudean June 14, 2022
balenciaga led projector bag


Hold the presses! Balenciaga just released an LED projector bag that makes your entrance for you. It’s almost too bougie to be true.

If you want everyone to know you can afford Balengiaca, this might just be your thing.

Would you buy this?

And, maybe more importantly – where is it sold and for how much?

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Balenciaga’s LED projector bag: Price and where to get it

If you need a visual reminder of who you’re wearing today, the LED bag has you covered – it projects a crisp Balenciaga logo in blinding white letters for all to see.

Possibly the first bag you’ll have to remember to keep charged, it’s available to buy on Balenciaga’s US site for a cool $3,050 (£2,540). It comes in one colour – black – and only one size – U for universal, we presume (or “uge”).

The bag is part of Balenciaga’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection and, according to fashion trends aggregator Outlander Magazine, also comes in silver. This promo clip gives us a glimpse of where the projector is placed and how it works. The bag seems to have a false bottom compartment for the pocket device, with an “eye” on the underside where the light shines through:

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Possibly the first handbag you need to keep charged

If you don’t want the magic to fade and turn your Balenciaga LED logo projector bag into a boring old Italian-made designer bag, you better remember to keep it charged.

While the brand doesn’t provide specs for the device they’re using, the best pocket projectors on the market today average four to five consecutive hours of battery life. Party with a USB-C cable handy if you don’t want your bag to turn into a $3,050 pumpkin at the stroke of midnight.

According to the website, it’s made in Italy from 100 per cent calf-skin with a grain finish on the leather, black matte B logo hardware and adjustable shoulder straps. It’s 17.7in x 13.7in x 10in (45cm x 35cm x 25cm) in size, but there’s no mention of weight. Some of 2022’s lightest pocket projectors clock in at about 700g (or roughly 1.2lb), so expect a bit of an arm workout.

Would you buy it?

So far, reactions have been mixed, although many internet denizens are leaning towards “I NEED it!” Who can blame them?

For others, however, there doesn’t seem to be much appeal in a bag that names itself. Over on this side, some commenters think the LED-projected logo makes an otherwise classy Balenciaga give “China Mall tech” vibes. Touché, accessibly priced knock-off electronics!

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