Are the McDonald's x Hello Kitty carrier baskets still for sale?

Eve Edwards November 23, 2022
Are the McDonald's x Hello Kitty carrier baskets still for sale?
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Disappointed Sanrio fans are hoping to get their hands on one of the McDonald’s x Hello Kitty carrier basket.

The Hello Kitty x McDonald’s Happy Meal collab was one of the biggest internet deceptions we saw this month. TikTok users were fooled into believing that McDonald’s were partnering with Sanrio for a Happy Meal toy collaboration. But unfortunately, this was a past promotion, not one launching in November 2022.

Sanrio lovers were further deceived as the promotion campaign changed from toys to carrier baskets. Again, this was from a past promotion and collaboration between Sanrio and the fast food chain.

But, can you still get the McDonald’s x Hello Kitty carrier baskets?

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Hello Kitty fans tricked once again with previous McDonald’s toys

At first, the resurfaced Hello Kitty x McDonald’s campaign had Sanrio fans thinking they’d get eight Sanrio characters, their own themed environments, as the Happy Meal toy. But this quickly shifted to the Hello Kitty carrier basket.

The internet was split over whether it was a real promotion or not. However, the hello sanrio Happy Meal promotion was in November 2016. The press release which went viral this month was originally published on November 17, 2016.

The carrier basket promotion was from an entirely different year.

Are the Hello Kitty carrier baskets still available at McDonald’s?

No, unfortunately for Sanrio fans hoping to get their hands on the adorable Hello Kitty carrier-style buckets, they are no longer available at McDonald’s. The toy buckets were part of a promotional campaign from 2019. You could carry them or attach them to the back of car seats, to steady your McDonald’s purchases while driving.

The Hello Kitty carriers were available for purchase for $7.90 with any Extra Value Meal purchase, as reported by Today Online. The My Melody carriers had been released a year prior, in 2018. They reportedly sold out in mere minutes.

While the Sanrio-inspired carriers are no longer available at McDonald’s, they are available elsewhere. Some eBay sellers have listed the carriers for sale. However, their prices have been significantly increased given the toy’s rarity.

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Thrifty Hello Kitty fans find vintage carriers

Although the Hello Kitty carriers from the 2019 McDonald’s promotion have taken off on TikTok, other users are sharing different designs they’ve found over the years.

One TikTok user shared a Hello Kitty bucket – that was not made in collaboration with McDonald’s – that they thrifted. Check out the cute bucket below:

A look back over McDonald’s past collaborations with Sanrio

McDonald’s all over the world have collaborated with Sanrio over the past few decades.

In the United States in 2002, McDonald’s worked with Sanrio to create a special Hello Kitty range of toys and accessories for their Happy Meals. You can view the commercial here. Two years later, McDonald’s helped celebrate Hello Kitty’s 30th anniversary with a special promotional collab. In 2009, they released McDonald’s x Hello Kitty watches, followed by a special 40th anniversary collab in 2014.

Most recently, in the States, McDonald’s and Sanrio collaborated on another hello sanrio Happy Meal box in November/December 2017.

Given all the hype over a potential collaboration this fall, we’d think it a good move to bring back another Hello Kitty campaign in the near future.

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