Where to buy Dr Pepper's elusive Strawberries And Cream flavor

Amber Peake January 11, 2023
Where to buy Dr Pepper's elusive Strawberries And Cream flavor
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Dr Pepper’s new Strawberries And Cream flavor has garnered some positive reviews across TikTok over the last week, but where is it available to buy? 

This week users across TikTok have shared their excitement after spotting a new berry flavor of the classic Dr Pepper on the shelves in stores. 

While many have already taste-tested the elusive strawberries and cream edition of Dr Pepper in videos across the app, others are curious to know where they can get their hands on the new flavor. Let’s take a look…

Dr Pepper’s new Strawberries And Cream flavor has TikTok drooling

Carbonated soda brand Dr Pepper has kicked off 2023 with the launch of a new flavor, Strawberries And Cream, and it’s already caused abuzz across TikTok.

Over the last week, users on the video-sharing platform have shared their excitement at trying Dr Pepper’s latest flavor in videos on the app.

For anyone interested, the flavor has been described by users to have a “light” taste, with another likening it to having a similar flavor to the classic Creme Savers hard candy.

Following its many reviews on TikTok, others users across social media have shared their desire to try it for themselves:

Where to buy the Dr Pepper Strawberries And Cream flavor 

Those wanting to try the Dr. Pepper flavor can track the drink down the supermarket chain, Ralphs, according to many users online who have already tried the beverage.

Several TikTok users who have posted their reviews of the new flavor on the video-sharing platform have noted that they were able to source the drink from their local Ralphs location. Users on Reddit have also said that they spotted the beverage on the shelves of their nearest Ralphs store too.

As per the supermarket chain’s website, Ralphs currently has 185 stores, the majority of which are based in the state of California. You can use the store locator on the store’s site to find your nearby Ralphs location here.

Unfortunately, those outside of California may have to keep an eye out for the beverage for the time being, as it appears to have only been spotted in the golden state at this time.


I’m on the hunt for the Dr Pepper zeros of this launch! Check out my @Keith Lee reference 😏 I had to! #drpeppercreamsoda #foryoupage #fypage

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The berry flavor was first hinted at last fall

While the flavor has hit stores amid the new year, its release appears to have been long awaited by some online.

Talk of the new Dr Pepper flavor first started on Reddit back in September of last year as what looked to be a mock-up of the drink’s bottle and packaging was shared among users.

At the time, the user who posted about the new flavor on the forum site had also linked to a post on Imgur that included the same picture of the packaging as well as more info on the flavor’s possible release.

The post listed the strawberries and cream drink to be hitting stores from next month (February 2023) and also featured packaging designs for a zero-sugar edition of the beverage.

However, Dr Pepper’s new berry taste seems to have hit the shelves in stores earlier than Febuary, as users across TikTok have already documented tasting the flavor in videos.

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