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Tyra Banks' SMiZE Cream: Where to buy and available flavors

Bruno Cooke September 25, 2020
smize cream where to buy

Where can you buy SMiZE Cream? What flavors does it come in? Ice cream to make you smile with your eyes – that’s the foundation of Tyra Banks’ new business venture, SMiZE. Since applying for the trademark over a year ago, TV personality turned entrepreneur Banks (aka BanX) has been churning the idea.

Ice cream, not eye cream

To dispel any latent confusion: Banks’ new business venture is not, to use WMagazine’s words, a “vanity-based endeavour”. Rather, it’s about “treating yourself in a different kind of way”. SMiZE Cream makes your insides smile – which makes your outsides smile.

Having made sure the word “smize” (to mean “smile with your eyes”) is familiar to almost every household, Banks is cashing in. She is bringing “all-natural super-premium ice cream” to hungry mouths all over the US, and her very first flavour is called Breakfast All Day.

Foodtastic | Official Trailer | Disney+

SMiZE Cream flavours

Speaking on a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the self-described “Smize CEO” exalted her new product. “Inside every serving of SMiZE Cream, is an edible truffle-icious cookie dough surprise. And you have to search dig and find it, so it’s like game-ification. It’s all natural and it’s all good!”

Advertised on SMiZE Cream’s Instagram, the Breakfast All Day flavour is salty and sweet, and “just the first of many more to come”. It contains meatless bacon, toasted waffles and maple syrup caramel – to be enjoyed “morning, noon and night”.

You said it, Banks!

If this is anything to go by, perhaps we can expect more vegan-friendly ice cream flavours in the SMiZE line in future.

Will it be dairy-free? Will every flavour combo be as indulgent as Breakfast All Day?

Other clues from Instagram include a question about whether you pronounce the word pecan “pe-CAN” or “pe-CON”. Presumably, if you’re reading this in the UK, this question sounds a little odd.

Where can you buy it?

More flavours are on their way, but we still don’t know where to buy SMiZE Cream. The next announcement (we’re told, to the accompaniment of dollops of caramel) is set for 27 September. It may be online before it’s in stores, but either way, follow along to stay up to date with announcements. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you live in the Santa Monica area and really want to know everything there is to know about SMiZE Cream, you may be in luck. SMiZE is hiring! Head on over to Lever to apply.

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