The Boys Season 2: How strong is Starlight? Could she fight Stormfront?

Iram Sharifah Khan September 24, 2020
The Boys Season 2: How strong is Starlight? Could she fight Stormfront?

How strong is Starlight on The Boys? Could she fight Stormfront and win? Many fans of the Amazon Prime series have been wondering when Starlight, aka Annie January, will show us her full potential. We’ve seen glimpses of her in action but never in an all-out Supe fight.

Starlight is part of The Seven after she replaced one of the original members, Lamplighter. Because of that, it’s safe to say she would need to be equally as strong, if not stronger than her predecessor.

Starlight’s powers slightly deviate from the comic or have yet to be seen manifesting. Here are some, if not all of her abilities we’ve seen so far.

Starlight‘s powers and abilities

Early on in season 1 of The Boys we get to see Starlight’s lifestyle and just how strong she is. In episode 1 she’s seen doing one-handed pull-ups, punching through brick walls with ease, and lifting a car above her head and holding it aloft with one hand.

Season 1, episode 7 sees Starlight shot in the chest twice by Billy Butcher. She suffers no serious injury, which shows how fast her powers of recovery are and her durability.

This is also evident in episode 8, where Starlight has a tête-à-tête with A-Train, She manages to survive him hitting her at full speed, something a normal person (such as Hughie’s girlfriend) wouldn’t be able to do, as seen in episode 1.

In the same fight with A-Train, we see Starlight shoot light beams from her hands, something she says she could use to blind someone. We assume she’s able to do this by manipulating electronic interference.

One super power many fans hope to see is her ability to fly. She does this in the comics but it hasn’t been mentioned or shown in the TV series yet.

How strong is Starlight?

To even be considered for The Seven, a supe would need to have exceptional abilities and the right image.

If we’re talking about mental strength, she’s exceptionally strong! She has been coerced into a sexual encounter with The Deep, demoralised and groomed, as well as manipulated by her mother to become a superhero. This is after allowing Annie to be injected with Compound V for money, which gave her powers.

Annie is constantly berated for her skimpy costume and every choice she makes in between, whether it be her choice of men or speaking her mind about her experiences and religion.

The Key Issues YouTube channel discusses this in depth (below), stating she is stronger than anyone because she hasn’t allowed Vought to corrupt her.

Who is the strongest in The Seven?

However, if we’re talking about where she ranks in strength among The Seven, unfortunately she isn’t the strongest.

Judging by what we’ve seen in the comics and TV series, we rank The Seven in order of strength (strongest to weakest):

• Stormfront

• Homelander/Black Noir

• Maeve

• Starlight

• A-Train

• The Deep

At least Starlight doesn’t rank at the bottom. She has only been able to flaunt her abilities to A-Train and The Deep, so we still don’t know if she could beat up any of the other members of The Seven – but it seems highly unlikely.

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