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Where to buy Skittles All Lime? The long lost flavour is back for summer 2021

Mafalda Costa July 12, 2021
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Where to buy Skittles All Lime? After being discontinued for the second time in 2017, fans were left hungrier than ever for the lime-flavoured candies. But good news! The long lost Skittles will be back in summer 2021 in a single-flavour pack.

Lime Skittles are back for summer 2021!

Skittles has served up rainbow-coloured candy since 1979. For decades, the packs of Original Skittles boasted a quintet of can’t-miss fruit flavours: orange, lemon, lime, grape and strawberry.

However, in 2013 that original cast changed. The classic lime Skittles was moved to the new Darkside Skittles variety and was replaced by the green apple flavour.

According to Taste of Home, the lime Skittles came back in 2017 for a limited time. However, it came and went so fast fans were left hungrier than ever for the citrus flavour.

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In April 2021, when Skittles was in the running to win @TwitterMktg’s “Best Brand On Twitter” poll, the company announced if it won, it would bring back lime Skittles.

After Skittles lost to Xbox by a hair, lime Skittles fans resorted to petitions, and thousands of tweets were written asking to bring back the lost flavour.

And it worked!

The candy maker is redeeming itself by releasing a single-flavour pack of the sorely missed flavour, which will officially hit the shelves this summer.

Where to buy Skittles All-Lime?

The new All-Lime pack ditches the classic five fruity flavours for just one.

The limited-edition packs are only filled with lime-flavoured candies and are set to debut in early July 2021.

But where can you buy the limited edition?

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According to Best Products, the All-Lime pack will be available at select retailers in the US, but exact locations have yet to be announced.

We’ll make sure to keep you in the lime loop!

Do Skittles have different flavours?

Skittles come in various colours and flavours (more than you might ever imagine)!

Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images
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According to Fast Company, the iconic candy brand has created more than 150 flavours for sweet tooths around the world.

Some all-time fan favourites are:

  • Strawberry
  • Grape
  • Melon Berry
  • Black Cherry
  • Apple

According to Today, Americans’ least favourite flavour of Original Skittles is Lemon (yellow).

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