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Who plays the neighbor in You season 3? Cast welcomes Natalie Engler

Darcy Rafter October 15, 2021
Who plays the neighbor in You season 3? Cast welcomes Natalie Engler
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As season 3 of You is set to release today, October 15th 2021, fans are wanting to know who plays the mysterious neighbour, Natalie Engler.

The mysterious neighbour that Joe was creeping on at the end of season two has finally been revealed in season 3. Natalie Engler is about to be the latest obsession for season three.

Joe has a growing fascination with Natalie, although we’re not sure it is going to end well, especially as his love interest is married…

YOU Season 4 | Announcement | Netflix

YOU Season 4 | Announcement | Netflix

Who plays the neighbor in You season 3?

Michaela McManus stars as Joe’s new neighbor Natalie in You Season 3.

Born on May 20th 1983 in Rhode Island, Michaela McManus is 38-years-old. She is married to Mike Daniels and has three children with him.

You may recognise Michaela for her roles as Lindsey Strauss on One Tree Hill and A.D.A Kim Greylek on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She has also starred as Sarah in The Village and as Alana Hayes in SEAL Team. Michaela is definitely a face you’ll know from multiple series, as she has also appeared in The Vampire Diaries where she played the female werewolf.

Michaela’s most recent role is playing Natalie who is a recurring character in the latest instalment of the psychological thriller. You is made up of ten one-hour episodes and season four has already been confirmed.

Cast welcomes Natalie Engler


Natalie’s character profile is described as: “Married to a powerful man, Natalie is a professional and social success. But she sees through the shallow, Stepford-esque vibe that surrounds her, and beneath her wry exterior, she leads a secret life. One that Joe is willing to work hard to learn more about.”

She even appears in the synopsis for the new season which suggests that she will play a rather main role in the new series: “In the third season, Joe and Love are married and raising their newborn son, Henry, in the Californian suburb of Madre Linda. As their relationship dynamic takes a new turn, Joe continues to repeat the cycle of obsession with a burgeoning interest in Natalie, the next-door neighbour. This time, Love will flip the script to ensure that her dream of having the perfect family will not be torn away so easily by Joe’s compulsive actions.”

What happens to Natalie in You?

Natalie was introduced in the Season 2 cliffhanger where Joe spotted her reading in her back garden. Natalie appears to have the perfect life and family, but not without her own secrets and as Joe gets involved, the outcome may not be pretty.

Especially when Love finds out that her man is going off with a different woman, she has got to do something about it. To secure the perfect life in the community she believes her only options is to get rid of Natalie, even if it means killing her…

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