Why is Harper mad at Amerie in the Heartbreak High finale?

Ella Kipling September 20, 2022
Why is Harper mad at Amerie in the Heartbreak High finale?
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Heartbreak High on Netflix is the rebooted version of the iconic 90s Australian teen series that followed the very dramatic lives of the students of Hartley High.

The remake focuses on a group of Gen Z students at the very same school. It deals with the traditional themes of teenagehood- dating, friendship, sex, and of course, heartbreak.

However, it also touches on some pretty heavy topics. In the finale, Amerie finally understands why Harper was angry at her, and everything she went through at the festival.

The episode begins with Amerie turning to Harper and saying: “I can’t imagine what you’ve been through, but I want to understand, so you ready to talk?”

Then, everything flashes back to the festival and we begin to see the events which led up to the finale.


What happened to Harper in the Heartbreak High finale?

At the festival, Harper’s phone dies and she is separated from Amerie. Harper continues to drink and somehow ends up in the car of drug dealer Chook, waking up in the backseat squashed between two of his friends who are groping her.

Harper asks to go home and soon realizes she is being taken the wrong way and is about to be assaulted. When they stop, Chook and Tilla get out of the car, leaving Harper in the car next to Jayden. We soon see that Ca$h is in the front seat, and he gestures to the “unlock” button in the car, letting her out.

Harper runs, and a clump of her hair is ripped out by Jayden. She is then chased by the boys but manages to hide.

Why is Harper mad at Amerie?

After her terrifying situation, Harper heads to Amerie’s house, as she had planned to do after the festival. However, Amerie doesn’t let her in.

Amerie’s drunk hook-up with Spider meant that she ignored her best friend, who was banging on her window begging to be let in.

Harper then has to go home to her own house and faces her father, Jason, who is in the middle of a mental health crisis.

What happens to the boys?

In the season finale, Ca$h decides to steal a video taken from the night of the festival. The video, on Tilla’s phone, shows the boys boasting about “their catch.”

Ca$h sends the video to Harper, and it is shown to the police. The boys are all arrested, including Ca$h.

Towards the end of the episode, Harper reveals that the police let Chook go. This is because he was not seen in the footage on Tilla’s phone.

How does the episode end?

The episode finishes with the group of friends (Amerie, Harper, Darren, Dustin, and Quinni) sitting on the rocks overlooking the sea.

Rather ceremoniously, Darren tells the group of friends that they need to “cleanse” themselves before stripping down their underwear and encouraging them all to jump in.

The group joins hands and jump into the water, laughing and splashing each other while Want You Back by Haim plays in the background.

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