Why does Fezco hate Nate? It's 'new year, same beef' in Euphoria s2

Yasmine Leung January 10, 2022
Why does Fezco hate Nate? It's 'new year, same beef' in Euphoria s2


Euphoria season 2 premiered on HBO on 9 January 2022, where viewers saw Fezco and Nate go head to head, but why exactly does Fezco hate him and what happened between them in season 1?

*WARNING: Euphoria season 1 and 2 spoilers*

Excited is an understatement. Season 2 of Euphoria is finally back on our screens after almost 18 months.

The show explores the topics of sex, drugs and relationships among a group of high-school students. Played by an ensemble cast – including Zendaya, Maude Apatow, Jacob Elordi and Angus Cloud – the series has become a phenomenon.

With Zendaya’s best actress Emmy win and Maddy Perez’s cut-out pants becoming a wardrobe must-have, we predict Euphoria will become one of the most memorable shows this year.

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Midnight Asia: Eat, Dance, Dream | Official Trailer | Netflix

Midnight Asia: Eat, Dance, Dream | Official Trailer | Netflix

Season 2 episode 1 recap

The series premiere takes viewers into Fezco’s back story – how he became the softly spoken drug dealer he is today. Having been raised by his dealer grandmother, he was introduced into the drugs world at an early age.

We learn Fezco’s dad isn’t the ideal father figure after his grandmother catches him in a strip club and proceeds to shoot him in the leg. She leaves the club and returns to her car, where we see a young Fezco sitting alone. Granny says “I just spoke to your daddy. You’re going to come live with grandma now.”

His childhood consists of handling the books for his gangster grandmother while she deals with the supply. Ashtray is also introduced as a baby abandoned by his mother, a customer of Fezco’s grandma.

Cut to the present day, it’s New Years Eve and the teens are partying. Things get steamy between Nate and Cassie as they hook up in the toilet, while his ex, Maddie, is pounding at the door waiting to use the stall.

It doesn’t last long after the pair realise it’s Maddie; Nate leaves the toilet and Cassie hides in the bathtub while Maddie does her thing.

The episode concludes with Nate being knocked out by Fezco with a glass bottle. He’s already on the floor, but the drug dealer continues to attack the football player until people restrain him.

What a way to ring in the new year!

Why does Fezco hate Nate?

The violence is unnecessary but it seems almost everyone hates Nate. However, their beef goes back to season 1 when Nate told the police about Fezco’s drug business, so you could call the attack revenge.

Fezco had to flush the drugs down the toilet to get authorities off his back and had to cover the costs for Mouse. And who could forget how Nate treated Jules in season 1?

He catfishes her under the name Tyler and, knowing she slept with his dad, uses that to torment her. It left fans confused over whether Nate actually liked her.

His actions led to Jules getting distant with Rue, so Rue asked Fezco to intimidate Nate to stay away from her. In response to Fezco’s attempt, Nate reported his drug organisation to the feds.

So Nate didn’t randomly betray Fezco but perhaps he brought the attack on himself since he was being a bad person in the first place?

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New season, new memes

Support has been flowing in for Fezco, with many delighted at seeing Nate’s villainous (yet beautiful) face get beaten.

These memes are some of our favourites, and we can’t wait for more after every episode!

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