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Why did Yelena look at Armin like that? Explaining AOT s4's eerie reaction

Yasmine Leung January 17, 2022
Why did Yelena look at Armin like that? Explaining AOT s4's eerie reaction

Episode 2 of Attack On Titan season 4 showed Yelena giving Armin a frightening expression, but why exactly did she look at him like that?

The final part of Attack On Titan premiered on 10 January 2022 after almost an entire year of waiting. Since its debut in 2013, the series has become a global phenomenon and a must-watch for millions of anime fans.

Prepare yourself for the memes and discussions to come over the next three months as Eren Jeager and the Survey Corps battle the Titans one last time.

Get ready for non-stop violence: it’s going to get tragic, bloody, and who knows which character we’ll lose?

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Check out Yelena’s eerie expression

Episode 18, entitled Sneak Attack, aired on 16 January and one particular moment has gone viral simply because it was unexpected and terrifying. Seriously, you had to see it for yourself.

The scene takes place during a fight between the Armoured Titan, the Beast Titan, and the Attack Titan.

Surprised by Zeke/the Beast Titan’s presence, the other soldiers question why he’s free as Levi was watching him. “What happened to Levi and Hange?” they ask.

“It seems like they were beaten by Zeke,” Yelena replies. “He promised to meet Eren at a certain place and time.”

Armin then jumps in to say: “We don’t have much choice! Only Zeke and Eren can save the world! We’ve gotta help the Jaegerists bring them together.”

Cue Yelena’s horrendous frowning face.

The soldiers spot her reaction to the statement before Armin turns around to be greeted by the witch-like expression. One second later, she switches to a friendlier look and says: “Please help Zeke and Eren. I believe in you.”

You can still tell Armin is scarred for life, though.

Why did Yelena look at Armin like that?

Reddit fans have joked it’s because Yelena is “insane”, but some viewers say it’s likely Armin said “we have no choice but to help the Jaegerists”.

In season 4 episode 16, he was seen crying after hearing about her euthanisation plan, with Yelena interpreting it as a sign of loyalty to her. However, his new “we have no choice” comment signifies insubordination over her plan.

So, we think Yelena’s immediate terrifying reaction is confusion and anger over Armin’s “betrayal”.

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