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Why did the photo go to jail? The Boys' darkest Easter Egg yet

Alexandra Ciufudean June 24, 2022
why did the photo go to jail


“Why did the photo go to jail?” The Boys season 3 episode 6 might have just planted its darkest clue yet with this innocent riddle.

Season 3 might have been off to a slow, wordy start, but things are really heating up in the latest episode, Herogasm. Along with some NSFW scenes, it also brings a riddle with potentially very dark implications.

The innocent Easter Egg could tie together a seemingly random storyline and reveal the dark side of a beloved character.

Episode 6 comes at viewers from all directions, and even the spoiler warning doesn’t seem quite fit for the task. It warns (or promises?), among other things, “a massive supe orgy, airborne penetration, dildo-based maiming, extra strength lube, icicle phalluses, and cursing” (oh no, not cursing!)

And, boy, does it deliver!

Where we left off at the end of episode 5

But first, a little recap. This will help you see where the “why did the photo go to jail” riddle fits in, as well as refresh our memories – it’s been a long week.

Last week’s episode left The Boys at an impasse. Soldier Boy’s arrival and Hughie’s blatant misuse of Temporary V threatened to drive a wedge between the series’ golden couple (#StarHugh?), Butcher seemed to have permanently lost MM’s trust by roofie-ing him, and Crimson Countess was put out of her misery by her ex’s unannounced visit.

We also have some new things to worry about, like what happened to Maeve (is she still alive even?), CEO Ashley going power-mad, A Train’s brother (will they ever mend their relationship?) and Frenchie getting snatched up by Little Nina’s men.

In the most hope-filled storyline of episode 5, Kimiko recovers from her injury only to discover she’s lost all her powers and is now a “regular girl”. Cut to a truly magical musical number set to Judy Garland’s I Got Rhythm from 1943’s Girl Crazy, complete with hospital-themed props. It was up there with Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Once More With Feeling, which is arguably one of the best musical TV episodes ever.

How did Kimiko lose her powers? Will she get them back?

And then it was over. Kimiko and Frenchie snapped out of their reverie and Kimo planted a kiss on a her startled boyfriend. Seemingly unsure how to react, he left the hospital room under the rather lame excuse of “needing some café” and quickly got nabbed by Little Nina’s men. A deal is, after all, a deal.

But let’s backtrack a little. As soon as Kimiko realised her powers were gone, she started smiling. Why? A few reasons. One, she’s always wanted to be just a “regular girl” without super powers and two, she realises Soldier Boy might be the weapon The Boys were searching for all along.

If Soldier Boy can neutralise Kimiko (who has dealt damage to Stormfront, took on Black Noir and performed dildo-harakiri on a roomful of Russian mobsters), could he help take out Homelander? It’s a long shot, but worth trying.

Is the Soldier Boy effect permanent or will Kimiko get her powers back? That’s hard to tell from the comics, because the show made a series of changes to Garth Ennis’ source material, especially when it comes to Soldier Boy.

It’ll be helpful to find out, though, as this can have massive implications for taking down Homelander.

Why did the photo go to jail? The Boys riddle is a raging clue


In The Boys episode 6, Herogasm, we pick up the story in Kimiko’s hospital room, after Frenchie’s awkward exit. The audience knows what happened to him, but Kimiko doesn’t, so she’s left to wonder if her kiss scared him off.

She paces the room, plagued by “regular girl” anxiety about scaring off her boyfriend, and finally lands on the perfect text to send Frenchie. Feeling coy after she presses “send”, Kimiko wanders to off and grabs a Brave Maeve popsicle snack.

This is where The Boys introduces the riddle – “Why did the photo go to jail?” reads Kimiko’s popsicle stick. Except we never get to find out the answer, as she’s carted off by one of Little Nina’s goons.

So, why did the photo go to jail? Because it was framed.

How the photo riddle fits into The Boys’ wider story

The “why did the photo go to jail” riddle could be a MASSIVE clue for the Boys and it seems almost too on-the-nose that the show doesn’t give us the answer. We have our own theories, though.

Via Amazon Prime

The riddle’s answer – “because it was framed” – could refer to a couple of different framings. This whole Little Nina mess started when Cherie begged Frenchie to help her run from the massive debt she owed Nina and the lethal punishment it incurred.

Was Cherie telling the whole truth? Or did she somehow frame Frenchie to take the fall for her bad deal?

But what if the betrayal is a lot closer to home? What if Billy Butcher was the one who framed Frenchie and Kimiko? We never really learned what his deal with Little Nina consisted of, and after the gang’s brutal antics in Russia, Nina never let them off the hook.

We’ve already seen an inkling of Billy Butcher’s possible evil nature in episode 5, where he tells Maeve all supes must die, including his friends. It’s possible “why did the photo go to jail” could be The Boys’ darkest clue yet.

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