Why did the Old Man vote to end the game on Squid Game episode 2?

Darcy Rafter October 14, 2021

Episode 2 of Squid Game gave players the option to vote on continuing the game. When the Old Man, Il-nam, voted no, viewers began to wonder why.

When the Old Man surprisingly picks the red button and votes no, the reason for his choice isn’t clear. However, we have the truth behind the real reason Il-nam voted no.

Read on to explore the ending of Squid Game episode 2 and why the Old Man didn’t want to continue the game.

***Spoiler alerts ahead!!!***

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Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Why did the Old Man vote to end the game

Squid Game turns out to have much higher stakes than initially anticipated by the 456 contestants, where rule-breaking or losing games really is a life or death situation.

Until Squid Game episode 9, it’s unclear why the Old Man wanted to end the game. However, the plot twist is the Old Man was in charge of the games the whole time.

Therefore, the reason he hit the ‘no’ button was he wanted each player to agree to play the game on their own accord as he knew the penalty for playing could be death.

He only wanted people to participate of their own will. as he mentions in the last episode. In his opinion, he didn’t force anyone to play the games. By voting no he made sure only people who wanted to play Squid Game returned.

Most of the players did return after the Old Man voted to end the game, meaning his wish for a final high-stakes round was secured.

The Old Man also mentions he has no faith in humanity and chose to be a player on Squid Game because he was already terminally ill. He would “have more fun playing” than watching the game unfold.

Il-nam wanted to play the same games he did when he was a child and, instead of playing to win the prize, he brought a different aspect to the game.

Squid Game episode 2 explained

The first Squid Game the characters complete is Red Light, Green Light. In this macabre twist on a traditional children’s game, if you’re caught moving then being ‘out’ means you’re killed by a sniper.

Squid Game comes with a contract that says if the majority vote to stop the game, the whole event ends. After seeing people die in Red Light, Green Light, the players put the games to a vote.

More than half of Squid Game’s remaining players decide to stay and play in hopes of winning the 45.6 billion won prize money. A shocked Gi-hun votes against continuing the game but Sang-woo and Sae-byeok press the green button and choose to stay.

This means the final vote is left to the Old Man, who votes no even though he easily won the first game. It seems the saying is true, the older you get the wiser you get!

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