Why did Mike leave General Hospital? Max Gail’s departure explained

Kate Fowler October 9, 2020
Why did Mike leave General Hospital? Max Gail’s departure explained
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Why did Mike leave General Hospital? If you haven’t tuned into General Hospital for a while, you might be startled by the lack of Mike Corbin. Why did Mike leave and will the beloved character ever return on the show?

What happened to Mike in General Hospital?

Mike has been in and out of the show a few times but his most recent departure is permanent. The character passed away in September. Still, you never know, he may come back – stranger things have happened in soap land!

In recent episodes, viewers watched as Mike’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease progressively worsened and he slowly started dissociating from the world and his family.

Why did Mike leave General Hospital between 2010 and 2018?

In 2010, Mike was played by Ron Hale and suffered with a well-documented gambling addiction. After falling off the wagon during a game of poker, his son Sonny bailed him out. Mike then checked himself into rehab.

However, the rehab storyline was in fact a way for actor Ron Hale to retire from the show.

In 2018, however, General Hospital did a classic soap about-turn and reintroduced the character, this time played by Max Gail.

In the storyline, Sonny heard his father was in financial trouble again. He tracked him down and took him into his own care. Around then, Mike’s Alzheimer’s began to concern Sonny and he moved him into Turning Woods as a day patient.

Filming Mike’s final scenes

Although the exit of Mike Corbin is a sad one, we should be thankful the character got the send off he deserved as the ending of his storyline was in jeopardy when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Due to his age, 77-year-old actor Max Gail was unable to join filming on set and concerns arose around whether the final scenes of his storyline would be able to proceed.

Luckily for us, Gail was able to reduce General Hospital fans to tears with safety measures in place while filming his farewell scenes.

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