Why did Marcia leave Logan? Succession season 3 insights

Darcy Rafter October 25, 2021

Fans of Succession are wondering where Logan Roy’s third wife is, and are desperate to know if Marcia will leave him. Let’s discover whether she will be making an appearance in season 3.

Gerri and Roman are surprisingly the show’s current power couple, taking over Logan and Marcia who seems to be heading for divorce.

The Succession season two finale aired two years ago, and fans of the HBO drama are glad to see it back on screens with a season 3.

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Why did Marcia leave Logan?

Marcia has become a sassy and confrontational main character who does not take infidelity lightly. She recently confronted Rhea in Scotland, where she questioned her for STD checkups and reassured her that she is still sleeping with her husband.

The ending to season two left viewers pretty concerned as to where Marcia and Logan’s relationship was at. Although it was implied that Marcia left Logan after he slept with Rhea.

Although, we will have to see how Marcia plays her cards as she may seek revenge in some interesting ways. For example, when they are all on the boat in the last episode of season two, Tom makes a comment about them having quite a ‘showy’ redecoration and Shiv replies that it’s Marcia’s version of cutting up his ties.

It seems the ladies of the show could be plotting some revenge.

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Succession S3 | Extended Trailer | Sky Atlantic

Succession S3 | Extended Trailer | Sky Atlantic

Succession season 3 insights

Now that Logan has announced Rhea as his successor as CEO, the couple seems to be even more on the rocks. With no appearance from Marcia in the season two finale, there aren’t many high hopes for her return in season three.

In fact, with season three well underway, she’s still nowhere to be seen. Now that Logan’s dashed off to Sarajevo only Shiv is back in New York, to presumably become Marcia’s shoulder to cry on.

It seems the relationship is headed for divorce and fan theories are even suspecting that she join forces with Kendall and Greg to sink Logan once and for all.

It may also mean that Shiv and Marcia join forces, maybe Shiv really is going to New York to support Marcia, and is it possible that Marcia was there for Shiv when things went downhill for her with the lawyers? Tune in to season three of succession to find out.

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