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The truth behind Jane Elliot’s bitter exit as actress returns to Port Charles

Darcy Rafter January 4, 2022
ABC's "General Hospital" - 2019
Valerie Durant via Getty Images

As Jane Elliot reprises the role of Tracy Quartermaine in 2022’s newest episode of General Hospital, fans are wanting to know what made her leave in the first place. So, here’s the truth behind Jane Elliot’s bitter exit from Port Charles.

Elliot joined the cast in 1978, as Tracy arrived in Port Charles for her brother’s wedding when he got married to Monica, who of course, she hated. Tracy was popular with the rest of Port Charles from the start and popular with fans alike.

Let’s find out why Jane Elliot left General Hospital all those years ago and what made her return to the show.

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The truth behind Jane Elliot’s bitter exit from General Hospital

Jane Elliot brought the role of Tracy Quartermaine to life in the June of 1978. She was on the show for two years before deciding to leave in June 1980. The actress revealed that her decision to leave was not for the most amicable reason. Citing an insult from the executive producer Gloria Monty over a salary dispute as to the reason for her departure.

In December 1988 it was announced that Elliot would reprise the role of Tracy on March 17, 1989. Elliot then went on maternity leave and dipped in and out of the show in 1993, briefly returning three years later. Later on, in 1996 she brought the role of Tracy to the ABC soap opera, The City. Elliot remained with the series until its finale the following year and then returned to General Hospital again in 2003. She then played Tracy on and off until her retirement in 2017.

Who is Tracy Quartermaine?

Tracy is the daughter of Lila and Edward Quartermaine. She has two children who are Ned Ashton and Dillon Quartermaine, and one granddaughter, Brook Lynn Ashton.

Her recent appearances on the show include her return in December 2019, when she learnt that Brook Lynn was back in Port Charles. She discovered that Nelle Benson had ELQ stock and was moving into the mansion. Tracy blamed Michael and told Ned to become CEO in order to help solve the problem.

Tracy returned to Amsterdam but then reappeared in November 2020, and was there to step in when she discovered that Ned had cheated on Olivia with Alexis. The truth eventually came out, even after she attempted to cover it up by framing the attorney. Tracy of course had to escape because the police were after her for accusing the attorney of drunk driving.

Tracy Quartermaine returns to Port Charles

Jane Elliot has reprised her role as Tracy Quartermaine and showed up on Laura and Kevin’s doorstep after midnight on New Year’s Day 2022 to reveal that Luke Spencer was “gone.” Yes, Tracy has been the bearer of bad news but hopefully, in the coming episodes, she will reveal more surrounding the truths of Luke Spencer’s supposed death, or mysterious vanishment.

This led fans to reminisce on all the other times Tracy has been the bearer of bad news or created the drama herself. For example, who remembers when she withheld her father’s heart medication to prevent him from leaving her out of his will. Yes, he may have been setting her up, but the point remains.

Though she may stir the pot on the show, Elliot is an outstanding actress and has won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1981, and was nominated again in both 1993 and 2014.

We don’t know how long Jane Elliot will stick around or whether she will break the shocking news then bounce, but her arrival was a complete shock to viewers. Fans were extremely happy to see her back on screens, and they’re just hoping she is going to stay for good.

Fans react to Tracy Quartermaine’s return

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