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Why did Eric and Donna divorce on The Bold And The Beautiful?

Darcy Rafter October 26, 2021
The Bold and the Beautiful
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Eric and Donna are destined for divorce on The Bold And The Beautiful and newer fans want to know their history together and where it all went wrong.

Donna Logan first started seeing  Eric Forrester when he was still married to Stephanie Forrester. He then divorced his wife to be with Donna, but it seems he is headed for a second divorce.

Let’s discover what happened between Eric and Donna on The Bold And The Beautiful.

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Why did Eric and Donna divorce

When Eric and Stephanie kissed and looked as though they were getting back together; Donna and Eric got divorced.

Donna and Eric ended their marriage and Justin and Donna rekindled their relationship and got married quickly after. However, it didn’t last long and they divorced months later. The pair are still good friends as they share a son Marcus and have a granddaughter called Rosie.

Donna briefly dated Nick Marone but broke up with him too after he confessed to helping Pam steal designs from Forrester in return to go on dates with him.

The Bold And The Beautiful couple history

Eric and Donna Logan, Brooke’s sister, became secret lovers and it broke up him and Stephanie.

When Donna married Eric, his and Stephanie’s three children Thorne, Ridge, and Felicia Forrester made it difficult for Donna because they were mad that their parent’s divorced. They even tried to kick Donna out of the Forrester Creations because they thought she had contributed nothing to the company.

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The Bold Type Season 5 Finale | Sneak Peek Trailer

The Bold Type Season 5 Finale | Sneak Peek Trailer

Will they get back together?

In 2018, After the Thanksgiving dinner in the Forrester mansion, they were all cleaning up after dinner. Donna mentioned to Eric that it brought back memories from when they got married there. Quinn insisted that she and Donna would finish cleaning up and she spoke directly to Donna about what she had said.

Donna then poured honey on Eric’s finger and licked it in front of Quinn. Donna then tried to get back with Eric and they shared a kiss. When Eric went to bed, Quinn broke a picture of Eric and Donna on the floor which Donna then found.

Donna then listened into Eric’s office and saw Quinn and Eric kiss. When walking out of Eric’s office Quinn said “Shut up, Donna.”

More recently, Eric has been having marital troubles with Quinn having an affair with Carter.

While the couple have patched up their marriage since, Eric has been growing very close to Donna.

After overhearing Brooke tell Eric he should leave Quinn for Donna, Quinn went to visit her love rival in her office and threatened her to stay away or else!

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