Why did Brando leave General Hospital? Fans are 'disappointed' with departure

Ella Kipling September 21, 2022
Why did Brando leave General Hospital? Fans are 'disappointed' with departure
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For fans concerned that Brando would be leaving General Hospital after facing the hook-handed serial killer last week, it appears that the worst has happened.

The brutal killer who has been terrorising Port Charles had already claimed one victim when they attacked Brando. He was taken to the hospital, where he has remained while fellow doctors, and viewers, worried about his condition.

Fans are not happy with how things have been left, as Brando will be leaving the show. Many are wondering where this leaves Sasha, and others were frustrated with how long the storyline had been dragged out.

WARNING: This article contains spoiler from the latest General Hospital episode.

Why did Brando leave General Hospital?

On Tuesday’s episode (September 13th) Brando was hooked twice by the serial killer whilst trying to protect Josslyn Jacks. He is rushed to the hospital and attended to by the paramedics.

Things seemingly began to look up for Brando after he woke up to find Sasha at his bedside. However, this did not last long and he quickly began coughing up blood and seizing.

Portia tells Sasha that Brando didn’t make it, and that it appeared that there was something attacking him from the inside but they may never truly know what happened.

Fans react to Brando’s attack

As this episode saw Brando die, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the storyline and Brando’s death. Many were disappointed that he will no longer be on the show, while others were left frustrated at what this will mean for Sasha now.

One fan tweeted: “Brando died and they made that as excruciating as possible. Now listen. I fully expect characters to suffer on soaps. But the amount of suffering Sasha has endured is just cruel. Geez. #GH

Another said: “Damn #Gh out of all the annoying characters you could have deleted and you chose #Brando? ugh so disappointed.”

#GH is sooooo wrong to do this to us and Sasha. The flashbacks, making us all think Brando was going to make it only to, watch the man die in the hospital. Harsh,” one viewer said.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Episode 14916 – General Hospital airs Monday – Friday on ABC (check local listings). (Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images) JOHNNY WACTOR

What has Johnny Wactor said about Brando?

Last week, in response to a fan tweeting out a request that he not leave the show, Wactor responded saying: “They’ll have to drag me off GH!”

Unfortunately, after he posted the tweeted, it turned out that Brando was killed off.

Wactor also responded to a tweet which pointed out that Brando was ex-military and yet was a “deer in headlights” during the attack.

The actor dubbed the tweet an “astute observation.”

Cast mates look back at Johnny’s time on GH

After the episode aired, Wactor reshared Instagram stories from cast mates.

Lexi Ainsworth, who plays Kristina shared a story which read: “Sad day for Brando… but honestly had fun filming a rain scene and working with @johnnywactor.”

Wactor reshared the story and wrote: “Bittersweet.”

David Lautman, who plays Grant, also posted a story about Brando. He said: “RIP Brando Corbin, could not have been played by a better actor. Love ya Johnny!”

Once again, Wactor reshared this story, and added: “Thank you brother. Enjoyed working with you. And may Smoltz live on to wreak more havoc!”

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