Who was Rocker Steiner in Yellowstone? Watch NFR 2022 rookie’s scenes

Eve Edwards December 6, 2022
Who was Rocker Steiner in Yellowstone? Watch NFR 2022 rookie’s scenes


Interest in rookie Rocker Steiner’s career has surged after his appearance at this year’s National Finals Rodeo – but did you know he once starred in Yellowstone?

A fifth-generation rodeo cowboy, Steiner was born to compete, making his success over the past year no surprise. This was the first National Finals Rodeo (NFR) that Steiner has competed in, being just 18 years old.

With the new publicity gained from his appearance at NFR 2022 in Las Vegas, some are now just learning that Rocker Steiner appeared in TV hit Yellowstone. Let’s take a look at who he played in the series.

Screenshot from PRCA ProRodeo, 2022 Rocker Steiner | Resistol Hats

Who was rookie Rocker Steiner in Yellowstone?

Rocker Steiner made a cameo appearance in Yellowstone back in the third season. He appeared in the show alongside his family. As explained on the Yellowstone IMDb description, the Steiner family “are considered ‘rock stars’ in the Rodeo and Ranching world.” This makes them a natural fit for the series which is known for recruiting high-profile cameo stars.

“Taylor Sheridan moved right next to us,” Steiner relayed in an interview. “He’s the writer and director of Yellowstone. He found out I rode bareback horses and asked if I wanted to be in the show and I was like ‘yeah’!

“We went up to Utah and filmed a bit. I didn’t have any idea what kind of backlash I was going to get. Seriously, I had to turn my phone off after that I still get to this day videos of that scene,” Steiner explained.

Rocker only appeared in one episode

Rocker Steiner and his family only appeared in one episode from Yellowstone season 3. It is the seventh episode of the third season, titled The Beating. This episode aired on August 2, 2020.

In the episode, the family encounter Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), the ranch hand on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. They come and offer some wisdom about Rip’s horse and try to strike a deal. Rip doesn’t end up offering the horse to the Steiner family, considering they are rodeo royalty.

As Rocker Steiner becomes a more established figure in the rodeo scene of his own right, fingers crossed we could see the rookie brought back to Yellowstone.

Rocker Steiner’s dad also appeared in Yellowstone

While Rocker Steiner was more in the background of the family’s Yellowstone cameo, his dad, Sid Steiner, played a central role. Sid is the one striking a deal with Rip, and also encounters Mia and Jimmy.

Sid’s father, and Rocker’s grandfather, Bobby Steiner also appears in the episode. Bobby Steiner is a world champion bull rider, who inspired his offspring to follow suit. Sid competed as a steer wrestler from 1995 to 2002, when he was crowned the PRCA Steer Wrestling World Champion. 

They are not the first father-son duo to appear on Yellowstone. Forrie J Smith, who plays ranch hand Lloyd Pierce on the show, invited his son, Forrest Smith, to star as the younger version of Lloyd in flashback scenes.

Watch Rocker Steiner and his family in Yellowstone

If you’re looking for where to watch rookie Rocker Steiner in Yellowstone, then you’ll have to find the episode on Paramount Network.

Viewers in the United States can currently watch new episodes of Yellowstone on Paramount Network Sundays at 8pm ET. This season can be watched live and in reruns on Viacom channels such as CMT and MTV. Cable providers can help you watch Yellowstone on demand.

Viewers in the UK can stream Yellowstone on Paramount Plus which is accessible through the streaming service or for Sky customers at no extra cost.

The first four seasons of Yellowstone are already available on Paramount Plus, while season 5 is airing weekly. The service costs £6.99 per month or £69.90 per year in the UK.

Screenshot from PRCA ProRodeo, 2022 Rocker Steiner | Resistol Hats
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