Florida-based radio station WFLA and its staff are mourning the sudden passing of Paul Lamison, chief photojournalist at the station.  

The NBC affiliate announced his death yesterday (August 4) as the station paid tribute to Lamison across its scheduled broadcasts

As the station remembers the WFLA staffer, we look back at his career as part of the Tampa station. 

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WFLA pays tribute to photojournalist

On Thursday, August 4 Tampa, Florida, station WFLA announced the passing of one of its own as it confirmed chief photojournalist Paul Lamison had died.

Lamison, who had worked at the station for almost three decades, was just 57 years old and passed away on Wednesday (August 3) following a sudden heart attack. 

Tributes to the WFLA photojournalist were shared across the station’s broadcasting on Thursday as members of staff who worked alongside Lamison on and off-screen remembered him. 

A post honoring Lamison was also shared on the station’s Twitter. The station wrote: “We are devastated by the sudden loss of [Paul Lamison] but thankful for everything he brought to our team and for the impact he’s had on us.”

Paul Lamison known for his Eagle 8 reports

As well as being chief photojournalist at the station, Paul Lamison also became a familiar face to many WFLA audiences for his Eagle 8 reporting. 

Lamison, who grew up in Lakewood, Florida, was the station’s “eye in the sky” as he shared a birds-eye view of Tampa to viewers from the Eagle 8 news helicopter. 

Lamison often reported from the helicopter in the station’s morning newscasts for his traffic coverage, helping viewers with their morning commutes. He also took to the skies covering breaking news

He celebrated 29 years at WFLA in May

Paul Lamison commemorated 29 years as part of the Tampa station during one of his Eagle 8 reports just two months ago.

While sharing an update on the day’s traffic in May, he showed a picture of himself when he first started at WFLA. In reference to the photo, he said: “He started here at Channel 8, 29 years ago today.” He went on to joke: “29 years I’ve been here. I started when I was five years old, I’m now 34.”

Uploading the moment on his YouTube channel, he also reflected on the milestone in the video’s description as he wrote: “It’s scary how fast time goes… I’m pretty lucky.”

Lamison started at the station on May 26, 1993 and would have celebrated three decades as part of WFLA next year. 

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