New thriller Nine Perfect Strangers was added to streaming platform Hulu yesterday (Wednesday, 18 August). Following its release, some are curious to know who sings the Nine Perfect Strangers theme song as many watch the first three episodes of the series.

Who sings the Nine Perfect Strangers theme song?

The song which features in the opening credits of Nine Perfect Strangers is Strange Effect and is sung by Raven Violet alongside musical trio Unloved.

Strange Effect is a modern cover of This Strange Effect, which was popularised in the 1990s by Belgian band Hooverphonic.

Unloved confirmed their cover’s feature within the opening titles of Nine Perfect Strangers with a post on Instagram yesterday, Wednesday, 18 August, as the first three episodes of the series were added to Hulu.

The caption read: “Unloved’s ‘Strange Effect’ soundtracks the opening titles for ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, premiering today on Hulu…”

This Strange Effect was originally written by Ray Davies, who is best known as the lead singer of The Kinks, but was later released by Dave Berry in 1965.

According to All Music, in the same year, The Kinks recorded their own version of the song for BBC Broadcast, although it was not released until 2001. At the time, it featured on The Kinks’ BBC Sessions 1964-1977 album.

Nine Perfect Strangers | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Nine Perfect Strangers | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Where else has the cover featured?

Killing Eve fans may also remember Unloved’s modern cover of This Strange Effect for featuring in the third season of the series.

Unloved’s Strange Effect was used in the third episode of the third season, and at the time of the show’s debut, the group announced the release of the cover as a single on Twitter.

Fans of Killing Eve have since taken to the social media platform as they react to the Nine Perfect Strangers theme song:

Who are Unloved?

Unloved are a musical trio known for their alternative rock style music. Its members include David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia and Jade Vincent.

The group was formed in Los Angeles in 2015, and in the same year, Holmes, Ciancia and Vincent released the single Guilty Of Love.

The single’s name was later used as the title of the group’s first album which included 12 tracks and debuted the following year.

Over the years, their music has since become known to fans of Killing Eve as many of their songs have been used in the soundtrack of episodes across the show’s three seasons.

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