Who plays Jack in The White Lotus season 2? New actor joins cast midway

Eve Edwards November 22, 2022
Who plays Jack in The White Lotus season 2? New actor joins cast midway
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The White Lotus returned this fall for season 2, welcoming a whole new cast of characters to the show – but who plays the latest addition, Jack?

WARNING: Spoilers from The White Lotus season 2 episode 4 ahead

This season of The White Lotus takes us from the beachy scenes of Hawaii to the stunning settings of Sicily, Italy. Only two cast members from the first season – Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid-Hunt and Jon Gries as her love interest, Greg – return for season 2. This means there’s plenty of new faces to get to know. And more just keep coming.

The latest episode (November 20) places Jack in the spotlight. Let’s take a look at the character’s role in The White Lotus season 2 and find out about the actor portraying him.

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Jack introduced in The White Lotus season 2

In the third episode of The White Lotus (November 13), we are introduced to Essex lad Jack, who is holidaying with his uncle Quentin (Tom Hollander). While we meet the duo in the third episode, it is the fourth episode where Jack truly comes in to his own. Flirting his way into the life of Portia (Haley Lu Richardson), Jack looks like he’s ready to get up to mischief in Sicily. He’s definitely a stark comparison to Portia’s love interest of late, sweet Stanford grad Albie (Adam DiMarco).

Already, there are plenty of theories bouncing around online suggesting Jack will have a large role to play in upcoming drama.

Which actor plays Jack in the new season of The White Lotus?

Jack is played by British actor Leo Woodall. Woodall, born in 1996, is around 26 years old as of publication date.

He got his start in the acting industry professionally in 2019. Woodall’s first listed acting credit on IMDb is as Lei in the short film Man Down. That same year, Woodall starred in an episode long-running British hospital drama Holby City.

In 2021, Jack Woodall made his big-budget film debut, starring as Rodgers in Cherry. This Russo Brothers-directed film starred Tom Holland in lead. The following year, Woodall starred as Adrian Ivashkov in the TV series Vampire Academy.

Jack Woodall is to star in the TV remake of David Nicholls’s One Day. The book was adapted for the big screen in the 2011 film of the same name, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. Woodall will be starring in the TV adaptation as Dexter, the role Jim Sturgess played in the film adaptation.

Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? | Official Trailer | Netflix

Leo Woodall praises working with The White Lotus cast

Since his breakout role as Jack in The White Lotus season 2, Leo Woodall has heaped praise on the cast and filming process.

“I was nervous to start, but at that point, I was thinking ‘I cannot believe my life, this is one of the most amazing experiences you might ever have, so just enjoy it!’,” Woodall told Man About Town. “It was about three or four weeks in when I was on set with everyone, that was more nerve-wracking than the first day.”

Of his White Lotus co-star Haley Lu Richardson, Woodall told E! News: “She is so much fun. She’s one of a kind, that woman. She’s like a unicorn. It’s kind of hard to describe her, in a way. I don’t even have words for it. But we had a blast.”

“Part of the point of Jack is that he’s the polar opposite to Albie,” Woodall explained to TheWrap. “He, from the get-go, provides the things that Portia thinks that she wants or needs at the at the beginning of the series.”

Leo Woodall took inspiration from Joey Essex to play Jack

Originally hailing from West London, Leo Woodall had to look to British reality TV legend Joey Essex for Jack’s inspiration.

Speaking to GQ about how Joey Essex inspired him, Woodall explained that he tuned into The Only Way Is Essex to get into character. “I’m not going to lie, when I did my audition I watched four videos of Joey Essex beforehand. [While filming] they all had no idea what I was saying half the time. All the Americans in the cast, Mike [White, the showrunner], the Italians. No one really knew what I was saying,” Woodall told GQ.

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