Who is the guest host on Kelly and Ryan today? Katie Lowes joins Seacrest

Bruno Cooke August 9, 2022
Who is the guest host on Kelly and Ryan today? Katie Lowes joins Seacrest


Katie Lowes joined Ryan Seacrest as a guest host on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan today (Tuesday, August 9, 2022) – and not for the first time.

Lowes has graced the ABC studio before. She did so around this time last year, per Hello Magazine’s reporting, and also the previous year

That makes (at least) three Augusts in a row that Katie’s stood (or sat) in for Kelly Ripa opposite Seacrest.

What do we know about Lowes’ life away from Kelly and Ryan’s desk? Where is she from and why does she always sub in for Kelly around the same time each year?

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Who is the guest host on Kelly and Ryan today? Meet Katie Lowes

Katie Lowes is from Queens, New York City and grew up in Port Washington, New York.

She comes from an Irish Catholic (via her father) and Jewish (via her mother) background, and is not far off her 40th birthday. 

If she looks familiar, there’s good reason for that. Lowes is a regular stand-in for Kelly Ripa on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.

She sat next to Seacrest in August 2018, August 2020 and August 2021 before doing the same in August 2022. Coincidence? 

Why does Katie Lowes always stand in for Kelly Ripa around the same time of year?

Everyone needs a holiday once in a while, and Kelly is no exception. 

The 51-year-old mother of three regularly takes her well-deserved holiday in the summer month of August, likely as a result of it being when her children are not in school, college or university.

Ripa met her husband Mark Consuelos in 1995. They were co-stars, fittingly, in American soap opera All My Children. They eloped in 1996 and had their first son the following year.

Lola Grace and Joaquin Antonio followed in 2001 and 2003 respectively, meaning they’re now all over 18. But holidaying around the same time every year can work for a variety of other reasons, too.

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Who did Katie Lowes and Ryan Seacrest interview today?

First up was actor Julia Stiles, who plays Tricia Albright in Orphan: First Kill, currently in theaters. 

Then it was Danielle Brooks’ turn to talk to Katie and Ryan. She was on to discuss home renovation series Instant Dream Home.

Monica Margin also returned with a round of Back 2 Back Bargains, and Steve Patterson graced the screen with a feature about New York City.

Find Katie and Ryan’s opening segment on the Kelly and Ryan website here. It runs to just over 16 minutes.

Kaina of the Great Snow Sea | Official Trailer

Kaina of the Great Snow Sea | Official Trailer

How have fans reacted to the temporary substitution?

Seeing as it’s far from her first time sitting in for Ripa, Lowes’ appearance next to Seacrest today has not caused too much of a splash among fans of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.

Nevertheless, there have been a few titters on Twitter. One fan wrote fairly unconstructively that there was “too much fast talking” from Lowes.

Others appear to have found it overwhelming, in comparison to Kelly and Ryan’s regular show.

During yesterday’s broadcast, Lowes showed viewers a picture of her and her husband wearing their original wedding outfits – in celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary. Her husband is Adam Shapiro. They married in 2012 and have two children, Albee (born 2017) and Vera (2020). 

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