Make sure to leave 22 September free in your calendar because The Great British Bake Off is returning. And who is hosting Bake Off 2020? Well, Matt Lucas will replace Sandy Toksvig as one of the presenters on the show and will appear alongside Noel Fielding.

How has the new host of Bake Off 2020 prepared for the role? Let’s take a look at some of Matt Lucas’ most popular food-themed projects.

Little Britain

Fans of Little Britain will remember Marjorie Dawes – the blunt leader of Fat Fighters. She was played by Matt Lucas and encouraged her group to eat “dust” to lose weight. Other meals she recommended included a Dustburger, Full English Dust and Pain au Dust.

LONDON – NOVEMBER 22: Radio One DJ Chris Moyles (L) and Matt Lucas perform on stage at “Little Britain’s Big Night” charity gala performance in aid of Comic Relief at the Hammersmith Apollo on November 22, 2006 in London, England. (Photo by Getty Images)

It’s clear Lucas has a creative mind when it comes to food. Potentially, he can help the new contestants come up with equally inventive bakes.

One of Dawes’ most ineffective dieting tips was the ‘half-the-calorie-diet’, which involves cutting something in half, thus halving the calories. Sounds effective, but Dawes went on to add that now the item had half the calories, you could eat twice the amount.

Bake Off certainly isn’t known for its low-fat food but, if they ever have a diet bakes week, I’m sure Lucas won’t fail to disappoint with ideas and humour.

Alice In Wonderland

Lucas played both Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland (2010) and Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016).

The characters were known for their short and wide statures, resembling a baked potato. More on this later. The characters were created using CGI and live action. Lucas said: “It’s a weird mixture of things that gives (the) characters the disturbing quality they so richly deserve.”


Aside from his role, Alice In Wonderland is known for its peculiar food. Alice eats a magical cake in Wonderland that makes her really tall. Conversely, she drinks a liquid that shrinks her back down to size.

The Mad Hatter’s dinner party is a moment in the movie many remember fondly. It’s no wonder Lucas was drawn to the film and went on to star in more food-themed productions.

Baked Potato Song

Lucas’ love for the hail and hearty baked potato seems to have been with him for a long time. It proves how perfect he is for Bake Off.

On 3 April this year he released his Baked Potato Song to raise money for the FeedNHS campaign during the pandemic. The campaign was launched by Lucas, Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis to raise £1 million to feed NHS staff on the front line.

Lucas first performed the song on comedy quiz show Shooting Stars 20 years ago. The song is 55 seconds long and advises people to wash their hands regularly and observe social distancing rules.

The song reached number two on the official charts. Although only £700,000 was raised, Lucas still remains a hero in the eyes of the British public.

Lucas’ clear passion for food and activism are set to make him a fan- favourite on the Bake Off.

Did you know Bake Off 2020 host Matt Lucas was in so many food-themed projects? Which one is the most surprising?

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