The Boys Season 2: Who is Homelander’s Mom?

Iram Sharifah Khan September 18, 2020
The Boys Season 2: Who is Homelander’s Mom?

Who is Homelander’s mom? If you’ve watched The Boys, this might be one of your most burning questions. We still know so little about the Superhero’s origins.

Throughout The Boys Season 1, we are shown glimpses of The Seven’s backstories. However, this is just how Vought would like The Seven to appear to the rest of the world: as an all-American superhero fantasy, coming from wholesome families with good, solid, Christian values.

Homelander’s official origin story

Homelander’s official origin story is no exception to this.

In Season one, Episode six, Homelander is made to record a video about his boyhood growing up in a suburban home under the perfectly milquetoast alias “John”. The story behind the video is that Holemander is an alien who happened to come to earth and be raised by a loving, small-town family. How heartwarming.

But if you know anything about The Boys (and Homelander), you know the truth is often much, much darker. Homelander’s real origin story is a horror show involving Nazi experiments and severe emotional abuse and neglect.

So, who is Homelander’s real mom?

In the original comics, Vought experimented on a pregnant Jane Doe patient, who was apparently mentally challenged. It is thought she is Homelander’s biological mother.

While still in utero, Homelander was injected relentlessly with compound V in hopes of giving him awesome powers.

And it worked. At birth, his powers were greater than expected and impossible to control, which killed everyone involved in his birth. There are hints in the comics that his mother either died in this massacre or was later murdered by Vought, but nothing is made explicit.

Because he grew at such a fast rate it’s not known how old Homelander actually is.

This might mean that he still has the mind of a little boy, resulting in his erratic behaviour and childlike tantrums.

In search of a mother figure

In The Boys, Homelander is explicitly shown to have an unhealthy relationship with love. This pops up with many female characters, from Superhero girlfriend Maeve, with whom he is controlling and abusive, to Rebecca Butcher (Billy Butcher’s wife and his reason for this entire vendetta), whom he rapes, as TV series implies.

So it would only make sense that if Homelander were to have another love interest, it would be perverse – which it is.

By far the most uncomfortable of Homelander’s relationships for viewers is his strange dynamic with Vought VP Madelyn Stillwell. However, as it unfolds in all its twisted glory, the reasons behind it become clear. He recreated a mother figure in his lover.

Is Madelyn Stillwell Homelander’s mom?

Stillwell, along with Dr Vogelbaum, created and raised Homelander, so it would be only natural for him to see them as his parents. But, as we know, things turn dangerously Freudian.

This was obvious from his jealousy of Madelyn’s baby and extensive scenes of her comforting Homelander throughout the series. At one point, she even goes as far as pretending to breastfeed him like an infant.

After murdering Madelyn in a fit of rage he shows little remorse, but still finds the last bottle of her breastmilk in her office minibar and secretly laps it up. Though it wasn’t an easy watch at all, this scene sums up Homelander’s mother issues pretty well.

In The Boys Season 2, Homelander finds a mom in his teacher, in the lab where he is being raised by Vought. He ends up suffocating her to death by hugging too hard and it’s implied he has done this to many other “moms” before her.

Due to Homelander’s upbringing, it doesn’t take a psychiatrist to realise he will continue this dangerous cycle in all his future relationships with women.

We’re almost hoping the rest of Season 2 deviates from the comics in showing Homelander’s mom and her back story but, we will have to wait and see. So far, from the Supe’s perspective, who is Homelander’s mom? remains an unanswered question.

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