Who did John Aniston play in Star Trek: Voyager?

Amber Peake November 15, 2022
Who did John Aniston play in Star Trek: Voyager?
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John Aniston’s on-screen career spanned over sixty years, but who did the late star play in Star Trek: Voyager?

While Aniston was a familiar face to soap fans for his five-decade-long stint on Days Of Our Lives, he also starred in some other well-known titles during his TV career, including Gilmore Girls and Star Trek: Voyager.

Following the late actor’s daughter Jennifer Aniston’s announcement that the TV star had passed away last week, curiosity about John Aniston’s Star Trek role has since sparked online.

We look back at the late actor’s role in the popular franchise…

Paradise City | Official Trailer

Paradise City | Official Trailer

Who did John Aniston play in Star Trek: Voyager?

The soap veteran had a brief feature in the Star Trek franchise as he starred as the Quarren Ambassador in the Voyager series.

Aniston’s character was a representative of the heavily industrialized planet of Quarra, which was suffering a shortage of workers.

The Quarren Ambassador appeared on the show on behalf of the planet after several members of the Voyager crew were abducted and brainwashed to serve as workers.

Aniston was not the only Days Of Our Lives star to appear on the series during his cameo, as he starred alongside fellow soap alum James Read who played Norvalean engineer Jaffen.

Aniston starred in two episodes of the classic series

The late actor portrayed the Quarren Ambassador in a two-part episode special of the Voyager series. 

Star Trek viewers may recall Aniston featured on the show during season seven in episode 15 Workforce and again in the following show, Workforce: Part II.

Fans wanting to re-watch the episodes in the late actor’s honor can watch them both online via both streaming platforms, Netflix and Paramount+

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Trekkies remember the late actor’s feature

As tributes to Aniston take over social media, Star Trek fans have also looked back on the actor’s brief feature in the franchise.

One fan on Twitter started off their tribute as they noted how the Star Trek family had “lost another” amid the news of the actor’s passing.

Other posts on the micro-blogging platform went on to include pictures of Aniston in character as users looked back at his role:

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