Who designed Victoria Newman’s wedding dress on Young & Restless?

Darcy Rafter October 15, 2021
Who designed Victoria Newman’s wedding dress on Young & Restless?
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The Young & The Restless’ Victoria Newman has picked out her wedding dress, so let’s discover who designed it and if she went with the tacky gown that Lauren designed.

Victoria Newman is ready to marry the infamous Ashland Locke in Italy, although… not quite.

Victoria has forgotten her shoes for the big day to complete the fitting and to make matters worse she doesn’t have the perfect wedding gown for her “wedding of the century.”

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Who designed Victoria Newman’s wedding dress?

Sally Spectra saved the day with her design for Victoria Newman’s wedding dress.

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Sally was trying to make amends with Vicki after helping Summer get her dream job in Italy.

Victoria is completely focused on the day being perfect after trying on the dress and seeing that it was the perfect fit, she was able to look past what Sally had done. She even decided to go with her design; they made peace with each other as she fell in love with the incredible wedding dress.

Where to buy Victoria Newman’s wedding dress

If you’re wanting to buy Victoria’s Dress in real life then it is called the Golden Gown by Talbot Runhof. 

Victoria aka Amelia Heinle was spotted wearing the wedding dress designed by Sally from the show on October 14th 2021’s episode.

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Victoria Newman’s Young & Restless wedding

As Sally conveniently overheard Victoria describe her dream wedding gown to Lauren, it seems she had the perfect details to make Victoria’s ideal dress.

Coincidentally, Sally also had a meeting with Chloe at the Grand Phoenix at the same time that Lauren was doing Victoria’s wedding gown reveal and pre-wedding fitting.

She then revealed the design she has put together for Victoria to Chloe who agreed that she has hit the jackpot.

Sally decides that Victoria has to wear the dress she has designed. She runs to Victoria’s room and tells her that she switched the wedding dresses. Victoria listens as Sally tells her about the dress she has made for her. Victoria asks Sally to hang her dress on the door so she can get ready. The guests wait to see her at the end of the aisle…and you can guess which gown she picked!

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