Which members of Schitt’s Creek are related? It's not just the Levys

Samantha McGarry September 21, 2020
Which members of Schitt’s Creek are related? It's not just the Levys
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Which members of Schitt’s Creek are related to each other? Sweeping a record-breaking clutch of Emmys on Sunday (20 September), Schitt’s Creek and its cast of eccentrics have endeared themselves to audiences. If you haven’t caught the show, it focuses on the travails of the once wealthy Rose family, who find themselves on an enforced tour of real life.

Co-writer and executive producer Dan Levy says he developed the idea after asking himself: “Would the Kardashians still be the Kardashians without their money?”

The show’s watchability is in no small part down to the sparks and laughs between the characters, who just seem to belong together. They have to be family in real life, surely?

Like father like son?

If you’d ever thought the resemblance between Johnny Rose and son David was down to incredibly fortunate casting, you’ll be glad to know they are indeed real life father and son.

Schitt’s Creek is father Eugene and son Dan Levy’s first on-screen collaboration, which they’ve certainly made the most of. As well as starring as Johnny and David, the duo created and co-wrote the show. Dan also directed four episodes, while both of have been listed as executive producers.

Both have spoken warmly of the experience of working together on the series. Eugene is a long-established comedy actor, while Dan previously told Esquire how his father avoided giving him too much feedback. Dan, in finding his own comedy path, speaks of being something of a perfectionist.

Which cast members of Schitt’s Creek are related?

Dan Levy and on-screen sister Alexis (Annie Murphy) aren’t related in real life. Originally, though, Alexis Rose was due to be played by Abby Elliott, who was Alexis in the show’s unaired pilot.

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Abby is the daughter of Chris Elliott, who plays Roland Schitt. However, she was unavailable as filming started so Murphy took the role – fortunate for her since at the time she’d suffered a house fire and had only $3 left in her bank account. 

Dan’s real-life sister, Sarah Levy, is the third in the Schitt’s Creek Levy trio, playing ever-optimistic waitress Twyla Sands.

Tim Rozon, who plays Twyla’s former boyfriend Mutt Schitt, isn’t related to anyone on the show, although both he and Catherine O’Hara, the inimitable Moira Rose, have both starred in projects about Wyatt Earp. Perhaps not quite a family link, but a sign of the similar wavelengths between the cast.

The chemistry between Elliott as Roland and on-screen wife Jennifer Robertson as Jocelyn Schitt could be attributed to the fact both of them are children of comedy duos, so are likely to have comedy in the blood. 

Eugene Levy and O’Hara aren’t married in real life but do have past bonds. They previously played a couple of porcupines in the animation Over The Hedge and were husband and wife in comedy move Best In Show.

So it seems most of the resonating family vibes are just good acting – but with some genuine bonds thrown in. Those bonds will no doubt keep us looking out for the movie adaptation, if that comes to fruition.

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