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Where was the This Is Us wedding episode filmed? Shooting locations explored

Darcy Rafter April 27, 2022
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Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

This Is Us is NBC’s award-winning family drama that has been applauded for its filming locations. In its sixth and final season, the show continues to explore a variety of locations as we follow the Pearson family.

Created by Dan Fogelman, the show follows Jack and Rebecca Pearson and their children Kevin, Kate and Randall. Fans spotted Randall Pearson (played by Sterling K Brown) sipping pinot noir in preparation for the upcoming wedding and instantly knew it would be a fairytale episode. So, let’s explore where This Is Us was filmed.

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Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Where was the This Is Us wedding episode filmed?

Tuesday night’s episode, entitled Day of the Wedding, showed the Pearson family celebrating Kate’s wedding.

The wedding was filmed at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort, a 4-star Tuscan-style hotel in Paso Robles, California. Set in spectacular grounds, the hotel offers a spa, horseback riding and a wine-tasting room. NBC crew were spotted at the resort at the end of February and the beginning of March. Eagle-eyed fans spotted trailers parked at the resort bearing the initials TIU.

In Tuesday’s episode, we see the wedding reception being held in the hotel’s Veneto Ballroom. The grounds of the hotel can be easily spotted when compared to the hotel site’s official photos. In the episode, the Pearsons also snap wedding photos at the spectacular blue-lit fountain in Allegretto’s Piazza Magica.

This Is Us wedding episode explored

The wedding ceremony also saw an emotional Kevin, who told Randall about Sophie. He admits he’s afraid of hurting her again and builds the confidence to confront her about it.

Kevin shows her a Valentine’s note he wrote in school, saying he’s always carried her with him. The pair then start kissing and everyone in the room cheers. Thankfully, from Kate’s wedding more Pearson happy endings have been ignited.

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This Is Us | Season 6: The Final Chapter Official Trailer | NBC

This Is Us | Season 6: The Final Chapter Official Trailer | NBC
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